Bug with Image Properties window (Ctrl-I)


I don’t know when this problem appeared but it is present in PL 6.3.1.

  1. Select an image and use Ctrl-I to open the Image Properties window.
  2. Do not close the propertiy window and use Alt-Tab to switch to another Windows program.
  3. Go back to PL : the property window is no longer there but Ctrl-I is now disabled because PL thinks the the property window is still opened. The only way to fix this is to exit PL and relaunch.

Another problem related to window focus management in PL. Globally, there’s something unstable in this area.

I just tested and no worries for me

I’ve repeated the test you described and it works fine for me - when I return to PL the property window is still present.

Paul, Frank,

I have not been accurate enough : I have a dual display configuration. The problem occurs when the property window has been opened on the secondary display (that’s where the browser window is opened on my system).

Behavior somewhat similar, but with an important nuance:
Indeed Ctrl+I no longer works after a switch with Alt-Tab, but I can easily continue by closing the property window of the image (Close button or Windows X icon).
Windows 10 - PL 6.3.1 (one display configuration).

Actually, the property window disappears at the moment when I return from the other app. So, I can’t close it.

I also use PL with a dual monitor setup, and when in PhotoLibrary mode I have the filmstrip on the second monitor and the main PL window on the primary. My test was to

  • Open PL (this results in the main PL window on primary monitor and the filmstrip on the secondary monitor)
  • Select an image on the filmstrip, meaning Window’s focus is on the secondary monitor
    *Enter Ctrl-I - at this point the property window opens on the second monitor
  • Switch to another program using Alt-Tab - this moves the focus to the program on the main monitor
  • Return to PL with Alt-Tab - at this point the properties tab is still open and I can close it either by selecting the Close button or the x in the top right corner

If, after selecting an image on the filmstrip, I move back to the main PL window before entering Ctrl-I then the Properties tab opens on the primary monitor. Again, after moving away and back with Alt-Tabs I can close the Properties tab as before.

So, in short, I can’t replicate your issue of the disappearing Properties tab.

Yes I was able to reproduce the problem.
Once the “Property” window is open, switch to another program and re -selected the filmstrip, the “Properties” window goes below.

This window should always remain in front.

OK I understand.
I don’t have this problem in single-screen display: the window is always present when other applications return.

Paul, Frank,

Actually, the problem is as described by Frank. When returning from the other app, the property window goes below the browser window (filmstrip). In my case this means “disappears” because I have setup the browser window to occupy the whole real estate of the secondary display. Paul, I guess you are seeing the property window because the browser window is not doing this.

So, I should temporarily close the browser window, close the property window and then re-open the browser window. Not practical, to say the least.

Moreover, even when the property window is hidden by the browser window, it is updated when the user selects another image. It’s a good thing and this is possible because the property window is not a modal window. But when the property window is hidden, this is useless. However, it’s very easy to make a modal window stay on top.

Also, when the property window is displayed but hidden by something else, it should be easy to get it back to the foreground by using Ctrl-Tab. When a Windows app opens multiple windows, Ctrl-Tab is the standard combo allowing to give the focus to another window in the application. But, unless I missed something new, keyboard configuration only exist in the Mac version although the request for a keyboard configurator has been emitted years ago. So, Ctrl-Tab just let’s you switch between Library and Customization mode although this key combo should be left untouched.

I always wondered whether at least one or two developers at DxO are actually using a dual display configuration. I don’t mean just testing on such a configuration but actually using it regularly. They would become aware of various problems appearing in such a case, as the ones I already mentioned multiple times over the last years :

DPL is a wonderful post-processing tool. But the UI has always been a weak point and I guess DxO should hire a developer specializing in the development of modern and effective user interfaces.


You are absolutely correct in your analysis.

I usually have the filmstrip occupying quite a small amount of the second display’s area (so when in Customise mode I can have all the control palettes I want open and located on the second monitor as well as the filmstrip). I’ve just tried the same test as I did earlier but with the filmstrip maximised to fill the second display and it behaves exactly as you describe - on returning to PL the Properties tab is “hidden” behind the full screen filmstrip.

It should be noted that using Alt-Tab is not absolutely necessary to trigger the problem. If you select another photo while the browser window is maximized, the property window goes below it as well.

@DPL Developers
Make the property window both non modal and “stay on top” and this thread will be closed. This should not take more than a few minutes of coding.

Probably worth raising a DxO support ticket to (hopefully) get this addressed.

Done a few minutes ago.