DPL (6) behavior on dual display configurations


I don’t need a feature but I need clear documentation about the behavior of DPL 6 regarding dual display configurations :

  • What is happening when I move the DPL main window to another display?
  • Are the corresponding profiles automatically taken into account if they are correctly defined in the Windows settings ?
  • What is happening when one display is wide gamut and the other one is not ? Does DPL switch to another colorspace in that case ?
  • Same questions for the soft proofing feature.

It has always been very difficult to obtain accurate information about how DOP/DPL were dealing with dual display configuration, colorspaces and ICC profiles. Now that we have soft proofing, having access to this information is even more important. This has to be documented.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Patrick,
if I remember correctly it was ‘mentioned’, that PL uses the display profile from the screen where it was started from (which I understand as “not that one where it is extended to”) – and for sure, this should be documented.

Thanks Wolfgang.

It’s sure that a Windows program can actually determine on which display its main window is/has been opened (I don’t know for a Mac). I’d like to be sure that the code doing this is also called when the main window is moved to another display and that the colors are adjusted accordingly.


just tried

  • opened PL6 (RC) on my main monitor (Eizo CG2730) set up to AdobeRGB
  • changed PL to standard workspace (everything on 1 screen)
  • chose a pic w/ brilliant colours
  • moved PL to my side monitor (Eizo L767) set up to sRGB / manually adjusted to the main monitor
  • double clicked the pic → the pic’s colour changed back to ‘normal’
  • moved PL back to the main monitor, double cklicked … and colour changed back to ‘normal’

  • did the same thing w/ main monitor set up to sRGB … the colours changed accordingly again

double clicking seems to trigger the refresh, while w/o the colour just turns ‘strange’ and stays like that


Could you please tell Microsoft about this? They don’t seem to be using it. :roll_eyes:

But seriously, I do know that macOS itself can adapt to different monitors at least when it comes to scale. For a time I was using my Retina MacBook Pro with a standard 1080p monitor. I tried dragging Finder windows between the two screens and it handled it really well. I would be surprised if macOS doesn’t handle colour properly as well. Whether an application chooses to deal with this is another thing, of course. It sounds like PhotoLab does adapt, they just don’t explain this in documentation.