Workspace management

Hi DxO,

I know, this is a very old request but sorry, I’m a little bit stubborn.

Why on earth do you insist on making the Workspace menu only available in the Customize mode ? What is the main reason ?

Are we not allowed to prefer a different arrangement in Library mode ? Especially on dual display configurations.

Is it that difficult to manage the workspace as a set of 2 arrangements, one for the Library mode and another for the Customize mode and to automatically toggle them when switching to the other mode ? The answer is no. The code to do this is already present at 90% in the program.

Very frankly, I don’t understand.

For what it is worth, in a private conversation with a DxO staff member some time ago I found out that one possible UI update would eliminate the need for separate PhotoLibrary and Customize tabs. I have no idea how that would look or work, or whether it is still being considered .


ooh, that would suit me well. It always annoyed mi in Lightroom and if DxO can make better, they should go for it. As for the how? - the browser could be put into a palette and that’s it.

The only concerning thing about putting everything into one tab is the length of the docks (specially on notebooks) and the somewhat clumsy implementation of collapsing and expanding.

FWIW: This is NOT offered as a solution to any of the requests/comments above … but it’s a handy tip (that some may not be aware of); Ctrl+Tab will toggle between Library & Customise modes.

John M

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