Support for Nikon Z6 III

Sorry if this has already been asked. Is there an outlook for when the Z6 III will be supported, please?

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For important cameras like this one support takes generally between one and three months depending on the availability of a loaner which is necessary to create a profile for it. Other software vendors often provide support sooner, but DxO has more exacting standards than most other vendors.

I checked the DxO Camera/Lens support database and it hasn’t been added yet so there is no official ETA.


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I’m also interested by that camera.
@Marie , do you have a visibility for a loan of this Nikon Z6 III, and eventually a release date?

@spwalker you should also put your request in DxO request page:


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this camera is actually in calibration in our Lab :slight_smile: but you’ll have to wait for September to have its support in DxO software.



Thanks Marie

Thanks for the update. Please hurry-up – got my Z6III yesterday and I need RAW-support in DXO as soon as possibly… :wink:

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Do you confirm that RAW High Efficiency and High Efficiency* compress options will be supported as well?

Thanks, Marie. It’s a shame it won’t be supported earlier (I’ve just taken delivery of one) but equally it’s good to have expectations correctly set :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m guessing it’s going to coincide with the release of PL 8 in September. If DXO does the same thing they did last year, support will also be provided for it in PL 6 and PL 7.


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