Suggestion on local adjustment

Local adjustment is a great tool and this is the main reason I consider PL. It will be even greater if it can have further enhancement.

First of all, tone curve is absent in local adjustment. Is it possible to add it in local adjustment?

Secondly, it is not possible to input value directly in equalizer. Is it possible to open direct input?

Next, “reset” button in equalizer will reset all values. Is it possible to have individual reset in additional to current overall reset?


You can do it by double-clicking the cursor of tne function.

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Agreed! And don’t HSL and WB sliders for RGB images.

It seems that adding the tone curve to the equalizer is already under consideration. For example:

At very least, for consistency with all other PL sliders, it should be possible to “bump” a value up/down using the cursor keys.

John M

Hi Greg,

Thanks for your information! Hope I won’t wait too long…

Hi Pascal,

Thanks for your reply and information!