Local adjustments settings moveable

I’m not sure if this request is new, but didn’t find anything with search.

I would like to have the settings of a local adjustment point moveable/undockable from the point itself, which is set into the picture.
So maybe it could look like this

or it becomes part under the local adjustments within the palette

The more I work with local adjustments the more I am annoyed about the direct placement at the point.

i know there was a discussion where one of the member gave a workaround to olace the first point anywhere in a corner, setting then the second point where you need it, and then go to the first point to adjust, but …???

Please don’t forget to vote if it would a useful feature for your work

Here are the instructions.


@sgospodarenko Hello Svetlana,
in Jan 19 you wrote “in a backlog” and then it was closed.
There are newer informations about such feature?

Thanks jamhen2 for the link to the tutorial of Pascal where he shows a workaround. But much more better would be to move it separately.

i agree

Hi @Guenterm,
The redesign of the Local Adjustment’s “equalizer” is something that’s indeed on our radar already.
Getting back at the drawing board will not only enhance the usability and overall experience, it will also allow us to easily add new corrections, like the HSL color wheel or the Tone Curve (just a few examples).
Unfortunately I cannot give you a specific release date, so, stay tuned… :wink:


Dear @StevenL,
thanks for your response and giving some hope :nerd_face:
For me, and ist seems like for others too, its not easy to know what’s in the pipeline or not. A sort of not binding list with the discussed or/and voted feature requests are on your radar would be a good idea to save time for all. And I think to ask for a thread of Jan19 is not reprehensible :sunglasses: :sleeping:
I’m a satisfied customer of DXO and the quality of the product, but sometimes I would like to have a more modern and open information politic between manufacturer and your customers and forum members.
I will stay tuned and optimistic

best regards

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I agree with you but I can also guarantee that even if we had some sort of “public” roadmap/backlog this would not be enough at the end, and because sooner or later something gets postponed for any reason (hiccups and surprises are always around the corner), we will deceive many users…

But I guess we could come up with something “in the middle” solution…

:+1: waiting for middle solution :pray:

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P.S. And don’t forget shift+E is your friend with this and will hide the tools. I mostly use this to have an unblocked view on the scenery.


thanks for info, in Windows is only E without Shift.
And hiding is a workaround, but not really good user experience :grinning:

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I quite agree with you and would also be very interested by placing this tool elsewhere than in the middle of your picture, exactly where you have to adjust it!

Dear @BenoitG,

thank’s…if you haven’t voted for this request I would like to please you to vote with the blue VOTE button on the left side of the Request.

best regards

Dear @sgospodarenko,

how can I check if the Feature Request has raised a position to come in the next major or minor version of DPL, or if it has gone to trash.

Happy second advent and a comfortable St. Nicholas’ Day for you and all the forum members