New corrections for local adjustments


I’m in love in local adjustments special for control points that could replace edit in Photoshop.

Im mainly a portrait photographer and from my point of view these feautures if will be exist will be realy game changer. I know that some will be hard to implement, but its a kind of wish list.

  1. Please add tonal contrast, fine contrast to the equaliser (for users with filmpack) - this could be simple

  2. Ablity to fethering mask (for control points)

  3. HSV in local adjustments (Yes I know its planed!)

  4. Adding to the equaliser tone curve (Yes I know its may be difficult to implement - some thing like levels filter in NIK colour pro). This will be realy awesome to have.

  5. Not for control points but for local adjustments at all - luminosity selections and then parsmeters from equaliser (with curve).

Thank You and have a nice day.

That’s a long shopping list but I’d certainly like to see Fine contrast in the Local Adjustment tool set. It shouldn’t be too difficult as it’s just another slider. I much prefer Fine Contrast to Micro Contrast as a main tool as Micro Contrast usually ends up looking too punchy/processed.

More granular mask feathering would be nice (it’s built-in and automated) but it would be a pity if these simple local adjustment tools became too complex for non-professional users to handle.

Local Adjustments are not a goal with PL.
Use the Global corrections for the subject of your images, and LA for the rest :wink:
And now with the invert mask it is very easy.