Will installing the latest version of Silver FX override the previous ( 6.0.0 x64 11) version or will they live side by side?

Unlike previous versions of the Nik Collection, the current version can be installed without overlaying the earlier version. This is great for owners of previous versions who want to trial the most recent version but may not keep it.


Thank you, my main fear is that the sliders on silver FX may have been changed yet again an are not active ON the control point? my current version allows to choose. Would you know if that is still the case ?

Thanks again

I have not updated the Nik Collection to the latest version yet, but I suspect the Silver Efex control point sliders are now only available in the side panel. Perhaps someone else here with hands on experience will chime in.


Does this … answer your question?

Photo Lab 7 - #25 by constie

Sorry I forgot to ask just for final clarification does the latest version of NIK Silver FX co exist with previous version or does it override it that is the most crucial thing for me because the last version works very well for me and i dont want to get any nasty surprises

Thanks again

Let me come back here to continue.
Having used the tools since grafik just yesterday I installed Nik 6.4 …

With Nik 4 the former versions were overwritten, while I could reinstall them as described …

The folder …\Nik Collection
Screen Shot 10-15-23 at 10.01 AM
still contains the installations of Nik 5 ( + 3 ).

So far, I’ve only installed Nik 6 ( by default in a separate folder ),
which then showed up in PL6 like this …

( Nik 6 – but as before it should be no problem to re-install the older ones )

and in Affinity Photo 2.2.0 …

like this

( Nik 6 )

and this
Screen Shot 10-15-23 at 09.58 AM
( Nik 5 + 3 )

note – some restrictions w/ Perspective and HDR

BTW, when I checked in Color Efex and Silver Efex, my former presets look to have been automatically imported.

And as @platypus mentioned, “use the trial time wisely.”