Silver Effect 3 does not work with my Wacom anymore in Windows

I never had any isue with Silver Effect until I acquire the last update Silver Effect 3. Since then Im not able to use my Wacom Intuos pencil anymore. It works with any other DXO apps but no with this one.
I have discover that my Wacom works if I use my fingers on the board but not with the pencil.
Can anyone help me. Im sooo frustrated!!!. Thank you

Welcome to the CLUB !!! Please feel free to pull up a chair and chill a bit because this …
Well lets just say we’re all going to be here for a while.
This was a few weeks ago SilverEffects pro3 not working w WACOM not saving to current layer
And I have yet to hear ANYTHING from DXO.
As to add salt to the wound, they ju8st released a Huge update this month and it DID NOT FIX ANY OF THE ISSUES ~!


Try looking in other posts, like this one