SilverEffects pro3 not working w WACOM not saving to current layer

SilverEffects pro3 not working w WACOM AND not saving to the current layer when pressing save in plug in and no option to change the save to settings.
My Wacom stylist no longer functions in silver effects pro 3 and now the mouse is starting to get spotty.
not getting the same preference settings in photoshop compared to silver EP3 standalone.
What Givewsssssssss

Others have reported the same. It’s unfortunate. Best way forward is to report the problem at Have you done this yet?

GOSH, you think maybe the reason others are complaining iis … Ummm we are HEARING NOTHING from DXO in response … it is a dead circle it takes you to another page which takes you back to the original page … so I thought ( incorrectly it seems ) that someone would be able to give a valid reply because THEY HUGELY ADVISE WE COME TO THIS FORUM FOR THIS EXACT ISSUES … So thank you for the useless reply

I am not a DxO employee. I’m a customer like you. Taking your frustrations out on me doesn’t help.

The support web site has problems, which I’ve reported and DxO is working on. But you can still go to and submit a new ticket for email support. It works and is far more effective for getting help from DxO staff than posting here in the Nik forums, where it’s rare for the developers to participate. I speak from experience.

I am working with support but they run in circles with me, I have sent the logs, they ask for many things incl. a remote session amongst others. No comment on the error message, no acknowledgement of problems from support, they just act as if no one else is reporting this.

They take the money, but they do not deliver and hide behind their french contractual clauses.

I have had to unistall Silver Effects 3 and go back to previous version. DXO told me to ask Wacom for a solution. This answer was too much and enought!.