Save Settings Per Camera Model

Cameras use different colour profiles & require different edit settings, also not all RAW photos require lens correction (eg. Panasonic micro four thirds). So different cameras require different initial editing settings.

Please allow raw edit settings to be automatically applied to specific camera models when a raw image is first opened. Lightroom has this facility by setting the default process for a given camera model.

This would remove the laborious process of having to manually apply a preset for every photo before starting editing.

I’m sorry to disappoint you … but the raw m4 / 3 standard need as many optical corrections as the others, if not much more! ! !
Just because Lighroom silently applies the profile built into the raw does not make it perfect, far from it.PhotLab does not apply the correction profile built into the raw, but its own profiles, much better in most cases.
For the rest, if we apply the default PL preset (DxO standard), there is nothing to do beforehand: the corrections are applied automatically (if the lens is in the DxO database)

Lens correction is only one setting. I’m referring to other camera specific settings like colour profile.

I’m not disappointed about anything it’s a great editor. I’m just suggesting that it should provide editable camera specific default settings, rather than just one option in preferences such as DxO Standard. It would improve workflow and save time.

I second that too. But no votes left right now.
Here and probably on other topics too.

DPL (elite only) lets us apply our own .dcp and .icc profiles - manually. To work around this current limitation, I can create presets that include the profiles I want to use. For this, I have profiles for each camera body, individually calibrated as well as copies of the profiles that Lightroom provides. Because I have more than one profile per body, I have to manually select the one I want. There is no way around manual steps under these conditions, but camera body related settings might be a nice goodie nevertheless.


Yes that’s what I’ve started to do. Manually choosing presets per camera, with great results :+1: Be nice if could assign presets to camera models though and PL did it automatically.

I’m just using Adobe DCP files for colour rendering as Panasonic Limix m43 profiles aren’t supplied by DxO :frowning: Are the colour profiles you’ve created yourself any better than Adobe’s? Wondering if it’s worth doing?

Better is a difficult term. For an objective evaluation, we’d need a baseline and a how-to-measure agreement.

Taking a more relaxed road, I’d say that whatever meets my expectations is fine. In daily use, I find these profiles to be a starting point from which I usually need to make further (manual) steps to get what I want (in that very moment), which means that I have to tweak anyway, so one or two steps don’t make much difference…

Is it worth while? Sometimes yes, most often not. Your mileage might vary though. It all depends on whether you want it “correct” or not.

Maybe “balanced” would have been be a better phrase to use. Thanks for your insight, really helpful. Sounds like Adobe DCP will probably suffice for me then :+1: Really enjoying re-editing my old raw photos in PhotoLab, looking forward to seeing it develop even further.

I think it would especially be helpful to have PL have the ability to apply Color Rendering settings by default per camera body/serial number. Sharpening/noise reduction settings, for example, could be applied per camera and per iso setting of each image.

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