Custom White Balance for Lenses

I notice that some of my lenses give a warmer white balance compared to others. Is it possible to include a feature in DxO that would allow me to save a cooler or warmer white balance setting to a lens profile?

To clarify, I’d like to be able to calibrate each lens profile to add or subtract a custom amount of temperature and tint points. This would be very useful when I’m shooting with multiple lenses in the same light and am post-processing all the photos in one batch. It would save me a lot of time trying to match the WB from all my lenses manually every time.

Hi Jana. I’ve never noticed this phenomenon before and can’t think of what could cause it. Could you please post some example photos. :smiley:

Cameras and lenses do vary in this way, rendering slightly warmer or cooler images when you compare them. I think if you want PhotoLab to render images differently than default, it’s a good practice to experiment with Color Rendering settings as well as White Balance settings. You can then create partial presets that apply the settings you want. But at this time, there’s no way to do that automatically based on camera or lens. There’s an open feature request for that ability, though. Maybe more than one. For example:

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The question is, do you accept the differences as part of the “look and feel” of a particular lens, or do you try to homogenise everything to look and feel exactly the same?

I don’t know about you, but I can end up changing the WB for different shots taken on the same lens anyway.

Some lenses are just too warm in some situations, even though they’re great in every other way. I don’t necessarily need every photo to have the same white balance, but if I recognize that a particular lens is too warm or too cool most of the time, it would be such a time saver to be able to assign a custom lens profile with a percentage of lower or higher warmth automatically.

Yes, exactly. I’m glad you know what I’m talking about.

That’s a good point about the software automatically recognizing which -camera- profile to apply to what RAW files. I often shoot my Nikon D750 alongside my D500, but DxO only allows me to auto-apply one setting upon file import. I have to go in manually and change the custom profile to my D500 settings. Lightroom does identify each camera automatically and applies the appropriate camera/lens profile. It would be nice if DxO could implement this feature as well.

Be sure to vote for the feature request I pointed out! :slight_smile: So far, only two people have voted for it.