Automatic portrait preset assignment

Hi DxO team,

Like to have an automatic portrait preset assignment.

At the moment you assign always the default preset to all pictures. As far as I know you have an automated face detection in your software. Why not using this detection to assign a second for portrait optimized preset to this kind of pictures?

Feature request:

  • be able to define two default presets
  • in case you detect a portrait picture assign portrait default
  • otherwise use default preset like today

Looking forward to see the feature in one of your next versions.

Best regards,

That’s correct, GW - but you can always change that to apply your own default …

eg. Via Edit/Preferences: DxO_Prefs
John M


I don’t wanna change the default preset manually.

My proposal is

  • having several defaults (at least one more for portrait)
    • additional choice in correction settings
  • a smart picture detection
  • automatic switch to “right default”

In my experience portrait is totally different to e.g nature.


Also it would be interesting to be able to choose a default preset for each camera using it’s serial number.

I apply a specific camera profile and I have to do it manually.

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Before this end up in a configuration hell: Artificial Intelligence would be cool. Learning from settings in the past…

Artificial intelligence is all well and good but it can cause problems without care -

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Agreed. Some basic rules and routing would suffice. The face detection already works reasonably well so if this can be refined with eye detection and a portrait preset would be triggered would be beneficial.