Request: New Export to Application/Disk option = "Skip image export, and continue"

I regularly use the “Export to Application” option - However, I often find myself wanting to invoke a number of different applications using the same set of images. For example; I may export an image out to Color Efex Pro - - but then decide that I’ll get better results using, say, HDR Efex Pro or Silver Efex Pro.

The annoyance is that, when the same set of images are exported to a subsequent application, this results in the dialogue-box: "Image already exists - What do you want to do?"

If I respond with Overwrite or Use Unique Names - then one is forced to wait for the entire image-export process to be repeated (which can take quite some time, especially if Prime NR is involved!) - when all that’s really required is for the image(s) that have already been exported to be passed across to the target application.

A new option is required; “Skip image export, and continue” … which would simply invoke the application with the image(s) that have already been exported.

The same dialogue option is required when multiple images have been selected forExport to Disk” and where some of the images already exist on disk … Again, it would be much more efficient to allow the choice for image-exporting of any already-existing images to be skipped over.

Do I understand you correctly? Do you mean to

  1. create several sets of customised images. Each set opens in e separate application?
  2. create one set of images and open several apps that access the same images?

Hello John,
in your situation I would just create virtual copies and go from there.

or have I misunderstood you


Hi Platypus - - It’s the second case that I’m referring to … and my suggested solution is a very simple one.

Currently, if we request Export to Application for a set image(s) that already exist (from a previous Export process) then PL asks whether we want to overwrite the original image(s) OR recreate them with a unique name … both of which are a complete waste of time - because the image(s) already exist.

What’s needed is a 3rd option;

  1. Overwrite … as currently provided
  2. Use Unique Name … as currently provided
  3. Ignore/skip image export (for any image that already exists) and just invoke the application … NEW option.

This enhancement is needed for the Export to Disk function too … to make it easier/simpler to render to JPG when working thru a large folder of images in a work-in-progress manner.

Yes - that would be the solution for the first case described above by @platypus
But - I’m referring to the second case described … See my response, above, to pp.


…alternatively, you could simply launch the app(s) in question… and ignore PL during edits…?

Yes - That’s the workaround for the annoyance … tho, one must then Open File -> and navigate to the target(s)

But - It would be much easier to have PL handle it for you … AND, it would be such a simple fix to implement.

Yet another example in support of this request:

I have just processed 3 images - and exported to a 3rd-party application to blend them all into a panorama.

I had set them all to have Prime noise-reduction applied - and I had used the Repair tool to remove some unwanted items in one (1) of the images.

In retrospect, though, I found that I could create a better result when I used the Repair tool on the final/panorama image.

In playing around with these combinations, I was obliged to process all 3 images - with lengthy Prime noise-reduction involved - in order to easily group them together for invocation of the 3rd-party tool … when it was ONLY the one image (on which the Repair tool had been used) that actually needed to be re-processed.

It would have been MUCH faster had this requested feature been available.

Note: Yes, I could have re-processed only the one image and then opened the 3rd-party tool manually, and navigated to the folder in which the 3 images reside in order to open them with that tool, etc, etc … but that’s tedious and error-prone.