Export to disk : new options

When there is a name conflict for export, PL3 asks user to choose : overwriting the file, using a unique name or to cancelling the export.

New choice (1) perform export only for files that have not been already exported under that name.
New choice (2) perform export as needed to update the target files under conflict. This option would overwrite a file if a new export is required because the source file was edited (i.e. DOP file has been updated since last export).

This request is in line with John-M’s request " A new option is required; “ Skip image export, and continue ” … which would simply invoke the application with the image(s) that have already been exported.

The same dialogue option is required when multiple images have been selected forExport to Disk ” and where some of the images already exist on disk … Again, it would be much more efficient to allow the choice for image-exporting of any already-existing images to be skipped over."

Checking options before export is launched would be smart indeed.

I raised a similar request/suggestion quite some time ago, Pierre.

See details here: Request: New Export to Application/Disk option = “Skip image export, and continue”

John M

Then it would be good to merge the two requests if it is possible to make the vote easier.
Thanx for your propositions.

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Hello John, I included a reference to your post in the summary. Thanks for the comment

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My biggest probblem with image Export is that I cannot figure out a way to change the name of the image; and there is no option top add text at the beginning of the image name. In Windos, adding that text at the beginning allows those images to be grouped apart from the original image in File Explorer.

I would like to see something like File, Save As option.

If this is possible someplace in DXO PL please let me know where it is so I can use it. I just hate going to another program to change a file name before I email an image to someone.

Hi Joseph, good idea. the dialog for naming new files could also include a prefix option. It could also include fixed strings or variable strings from Digital asset Library tags. I created a separate request for this.


You can always specify a sub directory of the original directory when you export

Thanks you Pierre. I will check out the link you have posted.


Joanna, thanks for that idea. I will give it a try.