Re-order "Export to disk" options

Maybe it is possible for one of the future releases to improve the “export to disk” menu.

At first i thought, giving the option to re-order the output presets would be enough, like @nputtick asked here, but then i’ve seen that there have been multiple requests and ideas to improve the usability of this menu.

IMHO here is a lot of potential to give PL not only excellent output results but also better usability

I’ve edited the output settings file to reorder the export options. It is fairly simple to do with a text editor.

The other approach (if you’re not comfortable doing this with a text editor) is to delete all the current options and re-add them in the order you’d prefer to have them in … You could do a screen-shot for each of your “keeper” options before you delete them - so you’re not having to remember all the details.

HtH - John M

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Yes, that works too. The last entry cannot be deleted though. Do not delete the export setting that you want to have on top, that saves you one edit :wink:

Here’s one (for DPL2 and DPL3 for Mac) to go for the lazy ones: (793 Bytes)

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Do you know where this file or equivalent is on windows?

You can find it as follows, Franky;

C:\Users\ {Username} \AppData\Local\DxO\DxO.PhotoLab.exe_Strongname~~~~~
– within this folder there are sub-folders for each Version+Build of PL
– locate the folder relevant to your current version of PL (probably the last one in the list) - and, within there’s a file named user.config … which contains, amongst many other settings, your Export options

Note: If you’re comfortable using a text editor (or, even better, an XML editor) then it’s not difficult to rearrange your Export options - but I do recommend first making a backup copy … JIC !

Regards, John M

Tip: If you search for the string: <anyType i:type="a:FileOutputSettings" then you’ll find that it precedes each of your export options.

Thanks i’ll watch this.

Could you tell where is the file lasted on a Mac.I am interested in re-ordering the Export-to-disk.

Any way, editing the file should be seen as a backup solution and it would be better to have the ability todo so within DxO PL directly.I up-vote for this proposition.

The path to the file is this:
/Users/your_user_account_name/Library/DxO\ PhotoLab\ v3/OutputSettings.plist

You can easily reorder the settings in DPL: Add the settings in the order you want and then delete the ones you don’t want any more…

When you delete the OutputSettings.plist file, DPL resets it to the standard sort order. You might want to keep a backup of the file with your personal export settings and sort order.