PL6 - Color Rendering "DXO Portrait" changed


I recognized that Color Rendering “DXO Portrait” on PL6 is much more muted / less contrasty than on PL5. Is this on purpose?
When I apply “DXO Portrait” on PL6 the images always look “foggy”

Just as quick comparison a crop of same image having the same preset applied “Portrait - Standard”.




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@abgestumpft The same as discussed in this topic perhaps In V5 processed images look different in V6?

PS:- It is very useful if as part of the post or part of your name, you include the platform you are using (Windows or Mac) because there can be differences between them and where a workaround might be possible that might vary between platforms, plus if another user wants to try to reproduce your problem it is useful to know on which platform the problem was encountered!

PPS:- and you might find PLv6: Color Rendering observations interesting.



DPL6 introduces the “DxO Wide Gamut” working colour space. Try the “Legacy” colour space and most colours and presets return to what they were pre-DPL6.

Thanks Bryan and platypus for your replies!
The topic linked by Bryan is the same.

I did some quick testing and what I found out so far is:

  1. With all other (non-portrait) presets the color space is set to “DxO Wide Gamut” and looking similar/same to PL5.
  2. The DXO Portrait Presets (both built in and my personal ones using color rendering “DxO Portrait”) use Color Space “Classic (Legacy)” and then look washed out. When changing this to “DxO Wide Gamut” it will then look very similar to the DXO PL5 Portrait setting.

I will go through the two threads you linked in detail later…

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A correction: when I apply “DXO Portrait” Color rendering and then change color space to “DxO Wide Gamut” the color rendering is automatically changed to “Neutral Color”.

@abgestumpft Hello, this problem will bee fixed in January release. Thank you for your understanding


Hi @Cecile-C
thanks for the confirmation that this a known problem and will be fixed.

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