In V5 processed images look different in V6

When I open a raw image that was processed with V5 of DxO Photolab with the new V6, the images are not the same (both images created with the snipping tool from the same monitor).


I used generic renderings => DxO portrait to process the image

What ‘Working Color Space’ were you using in PL6?


There is a lot of difference between these two images and V5 uses ‘Classic (Legacy)’ (the only option available) and V6 also offers ‘DxO Wide Gamut’ but that would not cause the change being shown!?

I bit like this @DxO_Support-Team

Taking the image and PL5 DOP to PL6 produced the same washed out image (in the middle with PL5 on the left and PL6 on the right and the same preset applied to PL5 and PL6)!

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It automatically switches to classic, but this should not cause such a big difference since this is the only available option in V5. Also the DxO portrait processing option is not available under wide gamut in V6.

Looking at the images I would say that V5 (classic) and V6 (wide gamut) are about the same. It looks like the wide gamut is more a commercial advantage than a real reason to upgrade…

If all of the Color Rendering and tone/contrast options are being kept the same between V5 and V6, as well as the working color space being Legacy/Classic in V6, then the image is not supposed to change like this. Can you verify that truly all settings are being kept the same in going to PL6?

The only other thing I can think of is the color space the image is being previewed in. In PL5, there is an option in Preferences to specify that. PL6 doesn’t have this setting. Could this, for example, be a case of an AdobeRGB image being displayed in sRGB without proper conversion?

@Hugo agreed that was why I did the tests!

To be clear I did the following

  1. Created 4 directories for PL5, PL6, PL5 to PL6 and PL5 versus PL6 (for copies of the output)
  2. In the respective releases I applied ‘1 - Portrait and Landscape’ from the releases presets.
  3. I took the image and the PL5 DOP to ‘PL5 to PL6’ directory and discovered that directory in PL6.
  4. Exported from all the programs to get the outputs shown in my post above!

There is something clearly different (wrong) in PL6 and just how far does the “issue” go @DxO_Support-Team.

@Egregius they are not equal as follows

One big difference, in addition to the appearance, is that applying the same named presets in this case ‘4 -0 Portrait High key’, the PL6 presets are not performing or do not contain the lens ‘Distortion’ fix! ‘Vignetting’ is off, De-Noising is off, Chromatic aberration is off, Crop is off etc.

I will perform some more checks between the two releases on two systems because it is actually easier to use two mice rather than one!

@Hugo, can you share the original RAW file? The file will help us to see what happens in different environments.

Use a sharing service if the file is too big for directl attachment.

@platypus that makes sense!

However, I am seeing (or so I believe) the same thing on my machine(s) between PL5.5.0 and PL6.0.1, i.e. while waiting for @Hugo to upload an image, it should be possible to recreate the situation on your machine with your own image(s) or so I believe.

I ran tests to see if this was unique to @Hugo because I thought we would have noticed this before!

Using one of my own presets that DxPL would have converted when taking them into PL6 I get this

and yes I was using a preset for an extreme situation that this was not and PL6 colour space is legacy!!

  1. I processed the file in V5 and opened it in V6 without changing anything.
  2. No, because I am using the raw file without any previous processing

EM549260.ORF (17,5 MB)
EM549260.ORF.dop (10,3 KB)

The raw file (Olympus) and the .dop file

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Differences show mostly with images containing highly saturated colours that can be found in the area at the transit between Adobe RGB and DxO Wide. The portrait does not seem to contain such hues, that’s why It is interesting to test woth.

DxO Wide brightens and flattens images at times, which can be compensated, but that’s obviously making the transition to DPL6 so annoying.

I’ll see what I get out of that image on my Mac(s) a bit later today or tomorrow.

To be clear both my images are made with the snipping tool from the same monitor without any changes

Viewer apps can make a difference too…I’ll see.

I did not use a viewer app. The images are basically snips from DxO 5 and DxO 6.

I can’t test this myself today, but one thing to look out for is this: make sure that Color Rendering isn’t off in both PL5 and PL6, as this is might not give the same rendering between the two. (I haven’t checked what effect Legacy working color space has on this behavior, but can say with certainty that with DxO Wide Gamut the Color Rendering = off defaults to Neutral, not to DxO Camera Default (which is the default rendering in PL5). That would explain the differences I’m seeing in the top post here.

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Color rendering was on in both PL5 en PL6

@platypus my images are from exports compared and then a single snapshot taken

@Hugo I have run the test with your images and got the same results as you but trying to upload the snapshot of the comparison of the images keeps getting rejected!!?? Censorship at work !?


with monitor set up to AdobeRGB to avoid any conversion problem …


the files were opened from the very same folder

loaded your files in PL5 and exported to *PL5.tif to get a ‘proof version’

opened in PL6 and exported to *PL6.tif to get a new ‘proof version’

now back in PL5


  • It’s easy to see that PL6 changes the appearance and the tif-export confirms that.

  • Back in PL5 the appearance changes back to how it was before.

So yes, DxO should have a look!

→ see further down


@Hugo I have repeated a slightly different set of tests so

  1. Image only in PL5 and PL6 directories
  2. Discover and apply the preset ‘1-Portrait - Standard’ in PL5 and PL6 to the original image
  3. Check the Colour Rendering (CR) and Export i.e. ‘Generic Rendering - DxO Portrait’
  4. Disable Colour rendering and export
  5. Compare 4 images and attempt to spot any differences (zoom used to show the differences, if any that appear to be occurring)

Can you see any difference and should there be any difference!? Please note that this is not taking any image data from PL5 to PL6 this is applying the “locked” presets from the two release to two images isolated in directories (actually from two machines)

PL5 versus PL6 after the application of a specific standard preset:-

The Colour rendering’ setting was either 'Generic Rendering - DxO Portrait) (CR-GR) or off (CR-OFF)

  1. Copy “my” PL5 DOP created in test element 2 to a directory for PL6 to discover

  2. Discover the image with PL5 DOP with PL6

  3. Check the Colour Rendering (CR) and Export i.e. ‘Generic Rendering - DxO Portrait’

  4. Disable Colour rendering and export

  5. Compare 4 images and attempt to spot any differences (zoom used to show the differences, if any that appear to be occurring)

and the results

PL6 versus PL6 with PL6 using the PL5 image DOP:-

PL5 versus PL6 with PL6 using PL5 image DOP:-


  1. The “standard” “locked” DxO presets are not the same between DxPL5 and DxPL6, or they don’t exist in 6 (because mine might have come solely from a migration from 5 to 6) or they don’t give the same results or …

  2. The PL6 image created from a PL5 DOP is not the same when exported from PL6

I need to lie down and will re-review tomorrow!!??

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All the exports from the tests for comparison and review notwithstanding errors in execution!

It might work if you change the names…