Panasonic colors from RAW file?

Let me just start my saying that I am not good at all at adjusting colors. I had been shooting with Olympus in RAW format and using PL for developing and to make adjustments. Very happy with that workflow. I recently picked up a Panasonic G9 and fell in love with the Panasonic jpeg output. My favorite everyday setting is Vivid with NR turned down to -3.

I would very much like to shoot in RAW with the G9 and duplicate the look of the Panasonic using PL. Try as I may I can’t seem to get the PL colors anywhere close to the Panasonic jpeg colors. Is there something I may be missing? Any advice is appreciated.


I’ve not the slightest idea how Panasonic µ 4/3 JPGs are looking like. I only shoot RAW and I do like what PL gets out of them.

How would anyone know what you’re missing @Todd? You’re not even providing a sample of a JPG and it’s RAW version to compare and try to find out “what you may be missing”? Come on, a bit work from your side. please. That’s a forum, not a wishing well and we can’t see or guess what you’re struggling with!

For people like Todd who do not post here often, what may seem obvious to you and me may not be as obvious to him. Maybe you should have just told him what is needed in order for us to help him and left it at that.



Why don’t you tell @Todd then what he is missing? What essential information has your post @mwsilvers ? It’s so super simple: Nobody would dare to ask anybody what he’s missing without showing an example. That’s all I want to have. Now, can you tell? This lecturing posts are really helpful… And I answer the way I like to answer. If you have better questions to ask, go on.

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Hi Todd,

Can you post an example of a jpeg so we can see what you are trying to reproduce? in addition please upload the actual jpeg and raw file so we can better understand the issue you are having and try to resolve it to your satisfaction. Let us know if you have any problems attaching a high resolution image as well as the original raw and jpeg files.


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Sorry, you were way off base and unnecessarily critical of Todd’s request. It was not about what you told him was needed to help him, it was the very condescending and insulting way you did it.



Happy to, thanks for asking.

Here is the SOOC jpeg:

This is the output from PL from the RAW file, DXO Standard, Color rendering: Generic, camera profile Panasonic G9:

Here is a link to the RAW and .dop files:

Just let me know if this is not exactly what you are asking for or if you need anything else.
Thanks so much,


I have some time right now so I will take a quick look.



First things first. While it appears that the Olympus profile for your camera is available I don’t see it being supported properly. From what I can see there is no auto Lens Sharpness, Distortion or Vignetting options available. Next, keep in mind that your in camera settings are not applied to your raw files, including in-camera sharpening, contrast, tone control or features like the vivid control.

Having said that I tried to make the your raw file look similar to your jpeg. The first image is your original out of camera jpeg, the second is a jpeg I created from your raw file. However, making them look identical is difficult because I would have to recreate all the in-camera settings a number of which can impact the colors. I have no idea, as an example, what Vivid does or adds to your images in that camera. Your raw conversion may even be closer to the original jpeg than mine. Making then look absolutely identical may be an effort in futility.


Your original JPEG.

My version


I find that using the DCP profiles from Adobe Camera Raw with PL allows a closer match to the JPEG colours on my G9. You can get these profiles by installing the free Adobe DNG converter, and then import them to PL in the Colour Rendering panel from their installed location which depends on whether you are using Windows or macOS. On a Mac they are in “/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles/Camera”.

There’s a reference to doing this here and it’s mentioned in other threads too.

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That’s your opinion. Only. What you already see as an insult is to me nothing else than making clear that the question can’t be answered without examples.

Panasonic G9 is not an Olympus camera and I could not find a Panasonic G9 profile within DxO. Are they sharing the same sensor? I simply don’t know, that’s why I ask. And I also don’t know what Panasonic does to the out of camera JPGs under various parameters, like noise reduction, sharpness, shadows and highlights, picture style - there’s a lot to set up. More than I use to develop RAWs, or better said, more than I actively change.

The next question is also just to understand the goal better: If you’re happy with out of camera JPGs @Todd

then wouldn’t it be better to just enjoy the JPGs? Instead of trying to apply settings to the RAWs which would also deliver JPGs with the same look? I mean, the flowers are really nice, vivid and colourful and @mwsilvers got his interpretation very, very close to your JPG. I like to understand why the RAW would be (with all the work involved) better when it’s equal to the JPG? Are you trying to find a good base preset to start with when the pictures become more difficult for the in-camera RAW processor?

I don’t know Olympus / Panasonic’s factory settings & jpg colour output,
which DxO then normally uses as base for their colour rendering (raw-files).

→ Camera custom settings are not ‘mirrored’ in DxO’s standard output.

Screen Shot 04-17-22 at 11.29 AM
taken with Panasonic G9 and Olympus lens

Screen Shot 04-17-22 at 12.07 PM

Screen Shot 04-17-22 at 11.37 AM
installed modules

Screen Shot 04-17-22 at 11.31 AM
camera profile DC-G9 is recognized

Screen Shot 04-17-22 at 11.59 AM
while the camera body ( → for emulation ) doesn’t seem to be listed

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With that in mind, here are three exports:

  1. straight RAW file…

  2. generic rendering for the camera (PL)…

  3. Adobe DCP profile for the camera…

To my eye, the last one is the nearest to the original JPEG.


Perhaps you should have followed your own condescending advice to Todd. I quote, “Come on, a bit work from your side. please”. The next to last entry of the attached image shows PhotoLab support since version 1 for the Panansonic (Lumix) G9 with the Olympus Zuiko 40-150mm lens I believe was used to create this image.

I am not a Panasonic (Lumix) or Olympus shooter and had no idea what Zuiko lenses were or whether they were compatible with Lumix bodies. I just put in a few minutes of effort researching it and obviously you didn’t. Consider that before you criticize someone for not putting in enough effort, as you did Todd, the next time a question is asked that does not contain enough detail.

And yet Todd immediately responded to my post and completely ignored yours. Maybe you need to step back and consider why that was.


Yes, you’re sooo far superior… have fun with Todd. And there’s a limit to go on my nerves, just saying.

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A very special thank you to everyone that has contributed here. I knew that posting on this forum would yield the answer, and it has. It was as simple as loading the Adobe DCP profile and tweaking the exposure slightly (thank you to @Aearenda for pointing me to the profiles).

Concerning not providing enough detail in the OP I simply did not know what the community would need to answer the question. Thank you @mwsilvers for asking the right questions to get things going in the right direction.

I probably should have more clearly stated my goal in my first post. Put simply, I want to shoot in RAW so that I have the ability to use all of the tools in PL but I want the end result to have the same overall look as a Panasonic jpeg. The mu43 cameras do not do well with noise so DeepPrime is a fantastic tool that opens up the opportunity to shoot at much higher ISO than I otherwise could. I just couldn’t get the output files to look anything like the SOOC jpeg files. Thanks to everyone here on this friendly forum now I can.

SOOC jpeg:

PL, Standard, Adobe G9 Vivid profile, +.3EV

Pretty darn close I would say. Again, thank you to everyone here. If it were not for your help I would not have found this simple solution.


Do you think mocking me changes anything? I read most of you posts and they are usually very civil. You response to Todd simply was not. Own it and move on.


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I am please that we were able to help. This is a friendly and well informed site. We can help identify and often resolve most issues, and suggest the best ways to seek additional support when we are unable to help.



@Todd Sorry I missed this post I am currently a user of a second-hand G9 (latest upgrade from G7 to G80 to G90 to s/h G9) and I liked your picture of the Coreopsis.

I also own a GX80 and an EM1 Mkii (bought when the G90 jumped focus when filming our youngest Granddaughter with my Wife - unforgivable, i.e. contrast focus on the G90 versus contrast and phase-detect on the EM1 Mkii!) and have been using Panasonic cameras since buying an FZ5 back in 2005 (FZ5 to FZ38 to LX7 to G7 etc.) with a s/h FZ200 along the way and currently an FZ330.

I consider the G9 to be the best of the Panasonic bunch I have owned by a long way, particularly when paired with the Olympus M.Zuiko 12-200 (24-400) (which came as a package with the EM1 Mkii), the FZ330 has a slightly longer reach to 600mm and a constant f2.8 but the smaller sensor yields even higher noise than the G9 particularly when the light starts to fall/fail and the FZ330 RAWs are not especially good.

I downloaded your image and loaded the RAW into my Win 10 version of PL5.2.0 which downloaded the G9 and ED 40-150 lens combinations and I applied an old preset I developed for JPGs with OpticsPro 11 (I only started to take JPEGs and RAWs when I bought the G80 in 2018) before the coming of PhotoLabs.

However, that particular preset improved the background but failed to produce such a vivid image of the Coreopsis without further tweaking but I noticed an icon indicating a mismatch as @wolfgang has already identified. He also identified no entry for the Panasonic MFT cameras in the table, the entries shown are Panasonic Full Frame cameras

Although PL5 successfully identified the G9 and downloaded the camera plus lens corrections (RAW plus other) @Marie PL5 then appears to have become confused between the RAW and non-Raw versions that it has downloaded? This has never happened with my 12-200 Olympus lens on the G9 body so why has this happened this time!

@Todd I don’t know if you explicitly stated what operating system you used but that can be important because there are variations between releases of DxPL for the Mac and for Win10! Identifying the exact release and operating system is useful when reporting bugs etc. but also when requesting advice/assistance etc…

So having broken my own rule I am running on Win 10 and PL5.2.0.4732 with FilmPack 6 and Viewpoint 3. They are Elite versions and this is not intended to be “elitist” (sorry, pun intended) but simply that the features available to a user varies with the product version and Filmpack adds features into PhotoLabs that would otherwise not be there and what is added varies with the Elite or Standard version!!!

For the non-MFT users all Olympus MFT lenses fit Panasonic MFT bodies and vice versa, however, any stabilisation built into the lens is not available to the other manufacturers bodies, so my 14-140 (28-280) Panasonic lens has inbuilt stabilisation that a Panasonic body can utilise alongside its own IBIS but not when it is fitted to my EM1 Mkii. My 12-400 (24-400) Zuiko lens has no inbuilt stabilisation whatsoever so both cameras can only use their IBIS.

Some but not all Olympus lenses have a manual focus clutch and Panasonic bodies recognise that when present! Some Olympus lenses have an ‘L-Fn’ button which can be assigned to a specific camera function, most Panasonic bodies do not recognise that button but I believe that the G9 does. I have only one Olympus lens with that feature so have not bothered to set the G9 up for that capability.

Clicking on the icon then threw up the following

Yesterday was a particularly good day and a visit to Highdown gardens yielded 389 snapshots to “capture” the day, I like to see the plants in the “flesh” but also “chronicle” my visit. Loading and reviewing them on the computer helps “cement” the images into my memory. I am then free to edit them or not as I see fit!

One jpg straight from the G9, reduced in size but otherwise untouched. Tulips in a bed of Honesty (I believe) in dappled shade

I should have tried to get the Tulip, to the left and front of the spot focussing point, and the Honesty, also to the front but to the right, both in focus (and the FZ330 would have done that) but the gardens were very busy yesterday (my excuse) so I moved on!

I slightly regret not making a better effort, by focussing closer and then recomposing so the foreground was all in focus but the background went out of focus, instead of the other way around, particularly when I discovered I had set the camera up for back button focussing!

Thanks @BHAYT

It seems that some of the Olympus lenses do confuse PL. I reported the 14-150 here:

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