Ambiguous lens, PL can't detect lens version of Olympus 14-150 f/4-5.6

I just purchased a Olympus 14-150 f/4-5.6 II. PL detects the lens but can not determine if it version I or version II. It displays the following message:

Screenshot 2021-09-29 123332

By checking the box I can apply the correct profile to the entire session so it’s not a big problem. However I would really like to solve the problem so that I don’t have this extra step each time.

The lens EXIF data clearly indicates that this is version II of the lens.

I used to have this problem all the time and don’t know why it still happens. However, I believe uninstalling the older 14-150 correction modules via PhotoLab’s menus will take care of it.

Good morning!

Let me ask @Marie to have a look at it.

Svetlana G.

Hello @Todd @Egregius ,

can you provide some images (direct from cameras like RAW) so I can check Exif and see if we are missing some data in our base ?


Thanks @Marie

Happy to provide images. I attached two here. If you need more please let me know. Is there a better way to submit images to you?

20210929-080356_P9294332.ORF (16.4 MB)
20210929-142712_P9294369.ORF (16.6 MB)

Thanks @Todd , that’s perfect.

We will improve our Olympus data reading in a future version of PL. I’ll keep you updated.


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I’ve noticed this too. I have the 14-150 Mark I. DxO correctly identifies it when used on older camera bodies such as Pen E-P2, but not on my OM-D EM10 Mark II.