Option to adjust rotation while cropping

Please provide the option to adjust the rotation of the image while cropping. It is very common to fix horizon and crop at the same time and this is done very effectively in Lightroom.

This feature is existing in DPL:
. in “Crop” select “Auto” for correction

  • activate “Horizon” in the panel



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That is NOT what I am requesting. I want to arbitrarily adjust orientation while cropping.

Easily done, Keith …

Grab the top-right crop handle, and drag towards the top-left (or vice versa) - and, at some point in this dragging process, the orientation will “flip” - and then you can fine-tune your crop.

Regards, John M

I don’t believe that is what @KeithRJ is referring to. He want to be able to rotate the image within the crop mask. I don’t recall how Lightroom does that, but ON1 allows you to select the edge of a crop mask and rotate the image to any angle up to 45 degrees in either direction within it. In PL its a two step process cropping and using the Horizon slider.

In PhotoLab I find that using the Horizon slider first works better and faster for me, but others probably crop first and then adjustment horizon.


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Hi, Keith. The more detailed your explanation of what you want to see on the screen and do to your image, the better. This can get more people interested in voting for it and can also help the community determine if your feature request already exists in some form.

I think Keith might be after the ability to rotate the cropping selection itself, by one of the corner handles, a bit like the transform tool in PS.

John M,

Thanks for your thoughts but this is not what I want. I want to fine-tune the rotation of the crop box in the same operation as cropping.

In Lightroom, when you enter crop mode you can adjust the crop AND when you move the cursor slightly inside the corner of the crop box it turns into a double-pointed arrow which adjust the angle of rotation of the crop box.

This is most useful to fine-tune crop and angle of rotation at the same time in ONE tool.


Thanks mwsilvers, this is exactly what I want. You managed to describe it better than I did.

Please vote for this addition :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Keith,
if you want that we are able to vote for it you need to set up a poll.


There is nowhere to vote on this thread. Your thread would need the category PhotoLab Which feature we need to create a voting box.


How do I add that category to this thread?

I’m not sure if you can. Perhaps someone else can answer that question.


This thread is already in the “Which feature do you need?” category. Just use the Vote button at the top of the thread.

I must add that, if you set the cropping palette to automatic mode, if you then draw a horizon and switch to the cropping tool, the crop will automatically be within the bounds of the rotated image. I find that relatively easy to do. I also like the idea of being able to rotate the crop in situ.

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It must have been added recently. It wasn’t there a couple of days ago.


While it has never been an important feature for me, what Keith wants seem to be present in a number of image processing programs.


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I think this feature has been around for a while. At least, I’ve been using something like this for a long time.

Since, like others, I’m not sure exactly what is being requested, here’s how I do it:

  • My default present leave cropping disabled, but sets it to Auto Based on Keystoning
  • When I want to rotate and crop, I enable Horizon and Crop.
  • If the system guesses the horizon well, I’m done.
  • If the system guesses wrong, I can use the Horizon tool. In many cases, I use the slider.
  • Rarely, I might enable the cropping tool and choose to version different from the keystoning version.

If the auto-horizon works, I’m done immediately. If not, I dink with just the Horizon tool.

I could be wrong, but dragging the slider seems equivalent to rotating the image as described by mwsilvers above as long as you leave the auto keystoning on. Even if you have auto keystoning off, you can still rotate with the slider—honestly, the effect is not that different from grabbing a corner of the image and rotating it. The cursor is on the slider, not on the image, but in both cases the rotation is cursor controlled and you can see the effect as the cursor moves (it’s a bit slow to update, though).

You misunderstood my post. I was responding to @Joanna and referring to the vote tally field on the top of this thread which was not there when this topic was created…


Thanks for the correction.