Option to adjust rotation while cropping

After a bit of playing, I find that, what DxO gives is the ability to automatically adjust cropping while rotating. At least, if you want to crop to the minimum area without exceeding the frame edges.

Simply setup the palette like this:

Capture d’écran 2020-06-30 à 10.48.57

… and use the cursor in the horizon palette to change the rotation and the cropping frame will follow your changes:

Thanks all for your replies. A lot of people have suggested workarounds but can’t we simply have the ability to change the rotation of the crop box without having to jump through hoops.

All I want is to be able to grab the crop box and rotate it. I have images (mainly of fish) which do not have horizons and I want to crop in on the fish and rotate the fish so that they are longitudinally placed in the crop frame. To do this I have to go back and forth between tools.

Many other programs do this and Lightroom does it really well but I have moved away from Adobe’s forced subscription service and really love PL and miss this function.

I also find the streighten tool rather crude and find that grabbing the picture or a frame and rotating it much easier to use and specially if there is a grid to guide horizons etc.


I agree. I actually signed up to this forum just to find if I had missed it.
The ability to go in and crop and rotate the image at the same time is one thing I miss the most from LR (as of right now at least). Sometimes you don’t want to rotate a picture based on a horizon, you just want to rotate it.


To rotate the marquee, position the cursor just outside it (curved arrow pointer), then drag in a circ ular direction. To change the axis point around which the marquee rotates, drag the center point away from the center of the marquee before rotating.

Looks like “Walker” is in the wrong forum !!

I agree because that is how it works in Lightroom.

It’s quite possible that I’m over-simplifying your request, Keith - but, I reckon that’s easily achievable with current workings of PL’s Horizon tool.

  • Activate the Horizon tool (it doesn’t matter how you do this: via toolbar or palette)
  • Ignore the horizon line offered by the tool - Instead, draw your own line longitudinally along the fish … click Apply, and the image will be aligned accordingly.
  • Assuming you have the Crop Tool settings as follows, then the image will be cropped appropriately too.

This might be different to how you’re used to doing it (such as in LR) - but, does it not readily achieve exactly the same result ?

John M

Hi John-M,

This does not do what I want. Every time you draw the horizon line you have to wait for the preview to update then if it is not right then try again - very time-consuming.

If you can simply rotate the crop box you can immediately see what the effect is and it is continuous so you can move it around until it is right.

Drawing a horizon line is very hit and miss until it looks right. Not every picture has a distinctive “level” position and many pictures look better at different orientations.

Most other software has this very useful feature so why not PL?


You can use both Crop and Horizon.

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Please see previous posts. This is NOT a solution to my request as it is slow and cumbersome. Thanks for replying though.