OM1 (formerly Olympus)

Hi. OM, formerly Olympus, have announced a new OM1 flagship camera today. Hopefully ti will not take dxo as long to include a profile for this camera as it did to include the 150-400 lens when it came out. Does anyone have a timescale for this? it will be pretty vital for ultimate IQ for Olympus/OM/dxo users.

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Hi, Stuart. See here for a partial answer from DxO:

Iā€™m guessing the main issue with the 150-400 lens was its scarcity when it was first released. This camera will hopefully not have any problems taking flight. :slight_smile: Or having its new sensor supported in PhotoLab!

thank you - fingers crossed it is quick!


It is not quick, still waiting


support of OM-1 is now available in PhotoLab 5.3.


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