OM system's new body OM-1 support

when can we expect Photolab to support the OM Sytem’s new body OM-1 which will be released 15th this February?

I agree with this question. March 2022 sale is starting in the shops. Photo season is starting in April / May. May one hope?

Good question! I’ve got great hopes for the new Olympus and my version of LR will never be able to process its raw files. So, as a new user of Photolab, I’m hoping to upload them to LR, export them to PL, pre-process them, export to LR as a dng file and continue processing them there. Perhaps I should have bought PureRAW instead… But I’m hoping in good time to learn my way around LR and do everything there.

DxO’s support of micro four thirds has been very good. It can take a few months for new gear to be supported, but it’s worth the wait.

I’m looking forward to the OM-1 and GH6!


Yes I agree. The dilemma i here is that because Photolab is hands down the best software for sharpening and noise filtering there’s no sense of buying the new OM-1 before DxO supports it. This is just my personal opinion and that’s why I’m eagerly waiting for here the good news. @ the moment a quad pixel compatible software just doesn’t exist.

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we will support that camera but I have no release date yet.



The camera will be shipped starting 07.03.22 so the information from the German website

Hi Marie and thank’s for your reply. Fortunately it seems that the new sensor of OM-1 produces much cleaner files compared to older models so may be the need for post processing is not that fatal. Optical corrections are of course allways wellcome anyways.

Adobe all ready does support OM-1 even when not a single body has been delivered yet. Adobe’s noice reduction and sharpening are terrible so it would be more than wellcome if DxO could serve it’s customers as soon as possible. What can take so long?

Did you read my comment. The camera is brand new, delivery starts in March and DXO also needs models to do the measurement.
A little patience is sometimes quite good, and the world does not stand still because of it.


Of couse I read your comment. It takes appr. a week to make all needed measurments in order to produce a camera profile for Photolab, i’m fully aware of that. There are plenty of demo samples of this new model around to play with so it could have been possible for DxO to contact OM systems and ask for one for the measurments. Patience is of course good but it’s also frustrating to wait for an uppdate when the best tools come last.


Adobe’s support of OM-1 is accidental, there is no official support yet. However, it seems to work OK for me. Only C1 has official support.

+1 from me and I appreciate that DXO is thorough in their assessment. I seem to recall that 10 randomly selected production bodies are used to ensure that sample to sample variances are averaged out. (I may have mis-remembered this though! :grinning:)

Nonetheless support in PhotoLab will be very much appreciated!

Personally I don’t think that there’s an accident like this. I believe that Adobe has deliberatly published an unofficial uppdate which by the way happened all ready on 7th February and after the OM-1iwll begin ship on 7th May they will make this release official.

From Imaging Resource, Editor Note:
“We noticed that OM-1 raw files can already be opened and edited in the current version of Adobe Camera Raw. However, we’ve been informed that this is unintentional, and Adobe has not yet updated ACR to full recognize and handle the OM-1 raw files. At this point, any ACR-edited images shown below are not necessarily indicative of final image quality.”

I really hope that OM-1 ships before 7th May ;-).

like I posted before in Germany they talk about the 7th March…we will see and wait also for much more field tests

Ok. Thank’s for correcting me.

7th of March is perhaps the day in Europe in general?

?? That’s the information of the German site

Yes, I saw what Imaging Resource said about “unintentional” support from Adobe, as you pointed out. But on its “Cameras supported by Camera Raw” page, Adobe itself says RAW support for the OM-1 was “added in February 2022”. No camera-matching profiles yet.

Camera Raw ≥14.2
Lightroom ≥ 5.2
Lightroom CC ≥ 11.2

Source: Cameras supported by Camera Raw

As a long-time Lightroom user I am looking forward to a test drive of DxO PhotoLab with the OM-1. Based on what I see DxO capable on the RAW and noise reduction from with other bodies, I am optimistic. My library management needs are not sophisticated so whether LR remains in my workflow remains to be seen.