Support for new Olympus ORFs?

Hi, any estimated timeframe for direct support for the updated sensor/orf files from the new Oly OM-1 camera?

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Look here:


Marie replied on another thread that there is no scedual for supporting OM-1. It’s bad because Adobe all ready does even when not a single body has been delivered yet. Adobe’s noice reduction and sharpenign are terrible so it would be more than wellcome if DxO could serve it’s customers as soon as possible. What can take so long?

All we can assume is that Adobe don’t use a physical camera for their support and may not provide the same accurate results that DxO will when such a camera is actually available for testing by them.

Joanna, that can be true but that doesn’t change the fact that DxO is allways late with their camera and lens support no matter how good their software is. Wish there were a faster way to manage things.

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