Nik Upgrade silver efex not applying

Hi. I use Mac Pro and work in Bridge and Photoshop 2021. I just updated my Nik Collection as per request when I opened a file. My first use was to use Silver Efex. It opens but when I select Apply nothing. The photo has no silver efex in PS. I have tried using a layer and no layer. Color efex works though! Silver is pro3 and color is pro4 so not sure why all of the nik collection is not 4? So what happened top my Silver Efex when I did the upgade?

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Nik Collection 4 contains the following:

When you look at the info panel of Silver Efex Pro 3, the situation gets even more confusing:

Silver Efex Pro Version 5.0.4 x64 (4.0.8) :smirk: and my interpretation of the salad is this:

  • Silver Efex Pro 3 is the marketing name, it means to say that it is different from SEP2
  • Version 5.0.4 x64 is an internal version number that no-one cares about but DxO
  • 4.0.8 is the version number of the collection that contains SEP3
  • all of the above are remainders from Nik’s history

Do we have to care about these figures? Not really, but they certainly don’t help to understand what’s going on at first sight…

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@platypus & all

… and after installing Nik 3.3 ‘over’ the version 4
(see Issues with Nik4 - #8 by Wolfgang)

it’s getting even more interesting

Screen Shot 07-23-21 at 01.43 PM
SEP3 from Nik4 (addition of Nik3.3)

Screen Shot 07-23-21 at 01.44 PM
the very same – Viv3 from Nik4 (addition of Nik3.3)

Screen Shot 07-23-21 at 01.41 PM
… and of course one gets an upgrade information :sunglasses:

see → post #5

…the Nik 3.3. installer did not ask to wipe the existing installation and installed older versions which have the same internal version number but a different collection number…very strange indeed. Are SFX and VIV the genuinely older apps or not?

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With ‘my’ installation procedure
Issues with Nik4 - #8 by Wolfgang

  1. Nik 4 installer erased all versions
    (no more Nik 3.3 / the only option was to keep the settings)
  2. Nik 3.3 installer didn’t erase
    (at least not the renewed SEP3 and Viv3 from Nik 4)

This way, I could ‘revive’ SEP2 and Viv2 from Nik 3.3
[ kind of parallel … ]
Screen Shot 07-23-21 at 04.14 PM
SEP2 from Nik 3.3

Screen Shot 07-23-21 at 04.20 PM
Viv2 from Nik 3.3

All other old modules in Nik 4 were replaced
by the (very same) ones from Nik 3.3
[ no change of installation path ]

Screen Shot 07-23-21 at 04.08 PM
CEP4 from Nik 3.3

inclusive the modern one
Screen Shot 07-23-21 at 04.27 PM
PerspFX from Nik 3.3

I just don’t remember, how they were ‘baptised’ in v4.

Indeed, people not familiar with Nik’s long history might get confused, while the labeling simply
mirrors the different module’s (main) version, all of them “Nik Collection by DxO v3.3 / v4”.