Nik Collection 6.3 release

We have no idea what he’s developing or how it would look or work or how it would compare to anything that currently exists. We also have no idea when it might hit the market assuming he gets enough funding and ever completes it. Until then, there is no real product that people can use and compare, it’s just so much air.

Iterestingly, he named the company Abode, a very slight play on Adobe, and he uses virtually the same graphic A with a slight modification. I find that very suspect, but if this guy is legitimate, the name and branding for his new company is certainly not creative and is probably a copyright infringement.

I believe If he ever gets off the ground with this project and continues to use that name and graphic for his business he will be sued by Adobe and would probably lose. Of course, the whole thing could just be a spoof of kickstarter projects. I didn’t really spend the time reading the entire thing to see if it’s just a joke.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Like this, seemingly one man effort, is ever going to compete with Adobe’s products.

there’s more than one man on that project. but that will be interesting how it all comes out.

I’ve found this article How to use several filters at the same time? – Help center (
which said “If you hover over the filter with your mouse, you will see a “plus” button - click it to add this filter next to the already added one.” but I do not get the + sign. Im on Nik 6.3 fot testing

thanks in advance

look at the + sign beside detail extractor. when you hover your mouse over a filter, that’s what you’ll get, to add it you just need to click on the + sign, if you click on the filter itself, it will replace the one you are already on. ex if you alreayd put cross balance and you click on detail extractor without using the + sign, cross balance will be replace by detail extractor. that’s how Nik works.

Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 9.49.52 AM

I’m in silver efex and I know that by clicking on a new preset, the one I set before will be overritten

But if i have chosen 019 Fine Art Prozess and will apply 020 High Key (which makes no sense …only for example) I got no + sign?

Edit…my fault it’s for filters only not for presets…sorry
i just tested in Color Efex :+1:

correct, preset overrides everything you’ve done.

It used to be the case that you could hold the Shift-key whilst clicking on a (new) filter, and it would be added to the stack … Unfortunately, tho, this handy feature was lost with v6.3

How come I never received any coupon? And why is this sooo complicated? Ok, I bought it on September 12th, and it’s not solved yet. Please, DXO, send me the coupon :wink:

Hi Marc - - This is a user forum … I suggest you post your question as a support issue.

See here:


I did that. Ok, I didn’t know that DXO people didn’t come and read here. That’s…weird!

They might - - but better to be sure by logging a support call.

DxO product development staff (mainly the PhotoLab group) do participate in this forum to some extent, but are not responsible for sales support, web site issues, documentation problems, in-depth tech support, and other matters that the support teams handle through

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Problem solved, they sent me a code via email.

Can anyone comment on how useful the promoted Fstoppers tutorials are for someone like me who doesn’t use Adobe or Affinity software (which call the Nik apps as plugins) but instead uses PhotoLab primarily?


I downloaded the tutorials and had a first look at the one about PureRaw.

Found it to be well structured and presented, spoken clearly and slowly enough for a non-native observer to follow what’s being said. I did not like the subtitles though and downloaded the English version instead.

My interest in such material is less with the technical aspects of the tools, but in how people use different tools for similar effects…and one can always learn a thing or two :wink:

G’day Greg - I don’t have the Fstoppers tuts either - - but I wouldn’t reckon they’d spend much time on the interface between the Nik tools and “host” apps, as that’s not a significant part of the process of using them (the Nik tools) … it’s just the means of passing image-files from one app to the other.

In my own use of the Nik tools (via PL), I handle the interface “manually”, rather than via PL’s “Plug-in Selector” (because the latter does not allow the output location to be specified - and I don’t like the interface file being created in same folder as the RAW) … and, for the Nik tools that allow this feature, I save the Nik equivalent of a ~.dop file (effectively an XML file, in .json format) - so that I can come back later, if I need/wish, to revisit my Nik treatments.


Well, I’m finally giving Nik Collection 6.4 the 30-day trial with PL7.0.2 and its add-ons. It’s an adventure, as the problems I mentioned in August having to do with color management and associated metadata have never been addressed by DxO over the past three years, either here or in tech support, despite my persistence. I’m finding that they still exist! PL exports to TIFF for the Nik Collection using certain default settings that I believe are the same as I use for final export to TIFF, but for some reason aren’t working for sRGB output when the destination is a Nik app. The resulting image is much darker in external viewers than what I see in the DxO software at all stages. The problem seems to originate in the Nik Collection rather than in PhotoLab and isn’t usually discovered until final export, after all my work is done. I’ve seen it almost always from HDR Efex Pro, even after the rewrite in 6.3, and in other apps when the final destination is Flickr. Reporting these issues to DxO has repeatedly yielded nothing except “try the latest version” after long periods of silence. Complaining about it has resulted in broken promises from the POs and lots more silence. So I’m done. Unless someone on the team is finally willing to work with me. @Barbara-S ??


i can’t tell exporting from PL to Nik as i never done it this way, i just export as .tiff file when i’m done with PL then open it with AP and use Nik as plugin within AP, colours always stayed the same so it seem to me it’s PL export to Nik that cause a colour issue.

if you are to use Nik in another software for further retouching or what ever reason, why would you export to Nik from PL without seeing the outcome of your .tiff file out of PL before opening in Nik. if i export to my desktop from PL and open the file in Nik, they both look alike no colour change, either sRGB or Adobe RGB, maybe if you use P3 or ProPhoto RGB as export from PL could cause this change, i haven’t tried it as i don’t work with those two colour profile. i know old version of Nik (DxO Nik v2 and older) were only compatible with sRGB and Adobe RGB.

You’re missing the differences. AP uses Nik as a plugin: when you call Nik from AP, does AP export to TIFF for HDR Efex Pro or Color Efex Pro to load? That’s what PL does. The parameters for the TIFF file can supposedly be configured for “export to application” in PL, and that works fine for regular TIFF exports. But something goes wrong when Nik manages the TIFF. You can’t see the problem in PL or in Nik until Nik has done its work and saved it. Sometimes the problem is only visible in another app such as IrfanView or Flickr or a web browser. I presented two test cases to DxO: one in which the problem was visible in PL after Nik worked on the file. Another which was seen only in Flickr, unless the EXIF info was stripped. DxO didn’t work on either submission.

Thinking more about this, I wonder if DxO has outsourced development of the Nik Collection.