Nik Collection 6.3 release

finally out, fully upgraded, thanks for the work DxO. it’s been a while and not always happy customer with little to upgrade from one version to the other but the work is done and i’ve been playing with all morning, well done!

now i’ve seen this:
To celebrate the transformation of Nik Collection, we’re giving away a premium, in-depth tutorial from the experts at Fstoppers. It’s worth $99 — but is absolutely free when you buy Nik Collection 6!

i’m guessing it’s for new byers.

I tried to find the answer to this too. Most companies only provide such offers for new users, however DxO is not like most (perhaps that’s one of the reasons I like using their software) and I couldn’t find any mention of this offer being for new customers only.

On the other hand I’m guessing the free 5 hours on fstoppers is “only” for the current NIK collection. For a hobbyist like me, where investing the hours by learning most of the things by trying is part of the hobby, it’s not really that enticing.

If I was unfamiliar with NIK and other DxO software, then perhaps. yes.

Whats New? The Nik Collection 6.3 Reviewed by Robin Whalley


hello for your information, this Fstoppers offer does not work. the checkout is stopped because the payment with 0€ value is not possible !

can you please warn them ?
best regards

Call me cynical :supervillain: but working on the famous, “Nothing’s right until Version 3” principle I reckon this means they just released v1 of their version of NIK. It follows therefore that NIK 8 will be the version to buy. However, you also have to factor in that, “Odd version numbers are better than even numbered ones”, so maybe NIK 9 will be the sweet spot…

:face_vomiting: :crazy_face: :smiling_imp:

PS have I included enough emojs to indicate I’m not being (that) serious here?

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If you are not a NEW customer then I’d expect this. For new customers I’d expect some sort of link to the tutorials to be given once I’d completed a purchase of NIK 6.3 with DxO.

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Thanks for pointing out – very interesting video!

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Congratulations, DxO! This was a long time coming. Getting to this point hasn’t been a smooth ride, but I will cheer for you and for the customers who will benefit from this. That might include me, now that HDR Efex is finally upgraded. I will start evaluating version 6.3 - first with articles and videos and then through the 30-day trial if all seems well. As far as I know, there wasn’t an Early Access program for Nik 6.

I have had a slightly different issue when upgrading from Nik 5.0 to 6.3.

I paid via PayPal and did not get, or missed, the option to download the Fstoppers videos. Is there a way to receive the download post payment?

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I have just tried repeating the payment process and there is no option given to select an additional free download. I would like to receive the promotional offer, so an assistance would be very much appreciated.

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you bought the software twice? :thinking:
you’ll have better assistance if you contact DxO staff to ask like @Fabrice-B which started the launch topic

The Output Sharpening tool looks interesting … the inability to manage sharpening of the image exported from PhotoLab has long been one of its weaknesses.

I wonder if much has changed in the actual capability of this tool, compared with earlier Nik versions (?)

Please keep us updated with your impressions, Greg.

Hi mikerofoto,

Many thanks for your reply.

The second time I didn’t actually complete the purchase, it was just to see if I had overlooked an option to pick the free download.

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We are sorry that the coupon code generated by Fstoppers does not work immediately on their website in all cases at the moment.

We have already contacted Fstoppers and asked for a solution to be found as soon as possible.
If you own a license of Nik Collection 6 or have purchased it in the last few days and have not yet received a coupon code from us, please be patient. We have temporarily stopped sending the codes until the above issue is resolved. Please note that we can only send you the code if you have agreed that we may inform you via newsletter.

We advise against purchasing the tutorial because we cannot reimburse you for the price of the tutorial.

At the moment we can only ask you to be patient, we will inform you when there is news.

I don’t think algorithm has changed, but maybe few sliders act differently and there is more control via user interface, but I don’t think underlying algorithms have changed. Besides sharpening old fashion way is pretty much unchanged and more or less identical to all programs since forever. Find the edges by detecting contrast between neighboring pixels. Increase that contrast. Create illusion of sharpening. This off course can create nasty halo effect, so threshold slider or ability to target shadows and not highlights etc is the best they could do, prior to neural networks, deep learning and stuff we call AI.

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You’re probably right on that score - - Comparing Output Sharpener Pro 3 with new UI shown in Robin Whalley’s video, there’s very little functional difference - with key exception that selective sharpening now has benefit of new LA capabilities such as Control Lines, with tuning via Chroma & Luma … Nice.

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Will do. After watching the video, my first impressions are positive. Hopefully HDR Efex has more effective ghost removal than some of the other HDR merging software I’ve used. (The presenter made it look awfully easy.) Any ability to make selective local adjustments without needing Adobe software would be a huge plus, too. However, I believe DxO hasn’t answered some important questions yet. First of all, what happens in PhotoLab if you have multiple versions of the Nik Collection installed? Which one(s) will PhotoLab find and automatically interface with? And are metadata and color management now handled properly when exporting from Nik so that things don’t go awry later in the workflow and when publishing?

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Bonjour à toute la communauté Nik.
Depuis des années j’installe Presharpener avec le reste de la suite Nik mais je ne m’en suis jamais servi et je ne comprends toujours pas à quoi sert ce plug-in. L’utilité de Sharpener Output me semble évidente mais pas celle de Presharpener. Par ailleurs le site DxO n’est pas très prolixe à ce sujet.

it use the latest version installed.
the new 6.3 did some confusing install, it didn’t removed the folder of 6.2, when you open AP as example and select plugin, there is now 2 collection of Nik, just click open folder where plugin are installed and delete the old one, then restart AP.
I think DxO made it that you can reverse to the previous version if you don’t like it, or if you installed a trial version and want to delete it as you don’t want to upgrade, nice move if it is the purpose of it.