Keyboard Shortcut for Selecting/Deselecting Images

I love the interface and quickly scrolling through images. However, unless I am missing something there is no way to select images for processing without using a mouse to do so?

If this is the case I feel a keyboard shortcut to select is strongly needed for a fast workflow, especially for events with hundreds of photos.


to see the Shortcut list →

otherwise move around w/ the keyboard cursor
→ or use a mouse to select / deselect in combination w/ Crtl and / or Shift
[ a touchpad as convenient it is, is not always the ‘best’ … ]


and if the shortcuts would be configurable it would be nice …see also
Better keyboard shortcuts through the application consistent between Mac/Win and bonus for a shortcut editor - DxO PhotoLab / Which feature do you need? - DxO Forums
(this is also a hint for the differences between WIN/Mac)

Thanks for the response but that is the wrong program, looking specifically at the PureRAW 2 application.

oh sorry – missed that :slight_smile: