Let us have Custom Hotkeys

That’s it. Current hotkeys are ok… but I want to customise ANY command into whatever key I want.
Brush size, flip image, crop tool, export image, anything and everything.
Give the user flexibility and the ability to be a power user.

Dear @TomDX
before posting a new FR it would be a good idea to search within the the existing FR’s for ‘Hotkey’ and vote there.
Take this one Better keyboard shortcuts through the application consistent between Mac/Win and bonus for a shortcut editor - DxO PhotoLab / Which feature do you need? - DxO Forums and bring it up to a count of 39 :grinning:


Oh I did, but I saw forum threads going back to 2018 that are going on forever, and PhotoLab still doesn’t have the requested features. Like the one you linked, from 2019. We’re in 2023.
It is unfathomable that PL doesn’t allow user-defined hotkeys.

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Tom, if you already knew about the existing feature request, this post is just grafitti splattered all over the forum to interrupt other users. Please don’t do this. Post a new comment (if you have one) on the existing thread where we’ve all voted.

I suggest that no one vote here again as multiple requests for the same feature just dilutes the vote and encourages disruptive behaviour.


Well, I didn’t mean to be disruptive, I posted another new post thinking that if they won’t look at the old ones, maybe they will look at a new one. But to be honest, I don’t think it makes a difference. The devs don’t care, if they did, this would have been implemented, quite literally, YEARS ago.


Well, @TomDX feature requests need a loooooong time to ripe (either ripe or even better: get forgotten), and be it 39, 390 or 3.900 voters - makes no difference for DxO. I mean, the topic is entitled “which feature do you need”, like in “oh, nice weather today, isn’t it?”. People can put their ideas in, and the server the ideas land in has some similarity to a trash bin. The heading already doesn’t make any promises:

You can post suggestions and requests in the section.
Users are able to vote on topics.

The topic is sadly not entitled “which feature do you want us to get done a.s.a.p.? tell us and we’re on it” :grin:


DxO does care, does see the requests, does take the number of votes into account, and does add requests they agree with to their backlog. And yes, DxO also takes their time implementing them.

I cannot agree more about adding votes and comments to the existing feature request topics instead of creating new ones as if that’s going to make things go faster. It just creates more busywork for DxO and for fellow customers!! Add comments to an existing topic and gets bumped to the top of the list, just as if you created a new topic. And it keeps everyone from having to reinvent the wheel and repost their ideas.

Here’s the proof that this is already in the backlog:


That was three years ago, kicking it into the long grass (or in DxO terms the backlog) not doing it.

Since October '19 41 votes in this one… I recall there were more:

… and now I give up. So many threads, not collected in one single thread - in my opinion a clear sign of not listening, not caring, not finding a better way to close new “Shortcuts, please” feature requests and lead them to one single place.

But what is to expect from a company developing two apps, for each OS a separate one?


The “not caring” part is so sad and so true…

I, as a user, keep posting on the forum because this is the only thing I can do, and I don’t want to just complain and do nothing.

Still duplicate threads is forum vandalism.

@DxOStaffPO, perhaps someone could delete this feature request so no one at DxO accidentally thinks that custom hotkeys is a four vote feature.

I hope you can appreciate the irony here…