Keyboard shortcuts support in PL5


I bought every version of the DXO OP 10 ~ PL5 because of satisfying image quality generated by them, the new Deep Prime denoise technology and local adjustment function are amazing. However I regret to say that I was never efficiently process my photos due to lack of keyboard shortcuts. I can done the same work in half time with my LR and PS because all function of it can be assigned to keyboard shortcut.
Is it possible to update the keyboard shortcuts support for some common function (e.g. exposure, contrast, vibrance/saturation, deepprime, …) in PL5?

Thank you.

hello and welcome @csking811116 could you just do a forum search for “keyboard shortcuts”? There are already a couple of feature requests on their way, so you might vote at the various threads to get a bit more pressure to DxO devs.

Also, opening a feature request gives you as thread openener also the opportunity to vote for your request. Starting a feature request doesn’t automatically put your own vote in.