Better keyboard shortcuts through the application consistent between Mac/Win and bonus for a shortcut editor

Ctrl + scroll and Alt + scroll can’t be shorcuts for all pentablets. It works only for mouses…

In LR and Affinity, I don’t had this issue.

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Yes, the support of pentablets really could be enhanced …

– see Contest: Can PL be used to simulate lighting from flash for portrait shots ?! - #30 by Wolfgang
– see Graphics tablet/pen - #15 by Wolfgang


the horizon tool doesn’t need only a invocation shortcut but also an efficient way to set the angle with the keyboard. For example, the step size needs to be sensible (0,5° or 0,25°) or adjustable.

This may help;

  • if you Right-Click either side of the Horizon slider then the slider value will increment/decrement by intervals of +/- 0.10
  • this works for all sliders - as an excellent way to “skip” thru setting values.

John M

This behavior only works on Windows. No right-click slider nudge on Mac. @StevenL

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Really ? !!! … That’s a major miss then, I reckon.


0,1° is way too fine, resulting in too many clicks needed. In many images, 1° tolerance isn’t detectable. Very few images need 0,25° precision.

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hello, haven’t noticed this FR before, voted to bring it up and to give a hint to @StevenL for differences list Win/Mac


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Bring it up one year later

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User-defined hotkeys. C’mon DxO, this should have been implemented since PL1.
Do you know who has that? The AMAZING freeware IrfanView. The expensive Lightroom. Excel. GIMP. Steam. You know, programs that let the user use the program at their best convenience and allows freedom to use whether you are in Windows or Mac and have any physical keyboard with any language defined.


Please klick the blue Vote button on the top of the FR

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Didn’t know about the blue button. Clicked!!


Even CorelDraw has this! You can create and edit shortcuts for just about any function and you can set a shortcut to trigger multiple functions.

There are some really illogical keyboard actions that PL has that I wish I could fix. Like, I find it really irritating that the Escape key Enters a crop! And the Delete button doesn’t work on the thumbnail display.

Yes, each time I have to revert that unwanted action with Crtl + Z.

ESC is a common standard to leave things unaltered,
but NOT to apply a modification like with hitting ENTER or clicking on APPLY.

@DxO_Support-Team – please take note and pass on it


Sometimes I think programmers don’t speak human, but I guess the truth is there is such a huge divide between the code and the human interface and stuff just falls through the crack. I wish they’d listen more, though.

Please. So much.

Like, CTRL+7 for “pick”? Really? Who came up with that? I want one hand on the arrow keys and one hand on the pick/unpick buttons. I’ve got photos to get through!

That we’re still asking for basic things like this for PL (years down the track) makes me wonder if there’s anyone actually listening. The only reason I’m here is because dxo have the best camera and lens support, otherwise I’d be quite happy using Exposure X7. The customisability of that program is exemplary. C for crop (and being able to set a default aspect ratio). 1,2,3,4 etc for start ratings, logical. Using anything else can be maddening.

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DxO team is good at sampling cameras and lens and creating AI denoising algorythm, period.
they are bad at developing software (architecture, interface, efficiency in use of hardware, extremely slow evolution, etc), bad at creating a software on a par with what is available everywhere, even on very very small softwares.
Yes, lot of things that have been basic for almost 15, 20 years don’t exist in photolab (not specically in photography software world, but in software development in general too).

I think they hear, but have no way to do better. They seem to be stuck in an old architecture without the means to break out of it. So they focus on what they know how to do, mainly sampling cameras and lenses.

I think there was a topic elsewhere that once made bad choice for GUI toolbox/framework essentially kills DxO’s capability to provide reasonable UI features w/o apparently spending a lot of pronoun-hours to write some spaghetti (and making the mess of codebase) code (if possible at all) around it … and it seems there is no guts or money to rework from scratch