Keyboard Hotkeys to Make Image Adjustments

It would substantially speed up editing time if we could customize keys to actually make edits. It could be handled one of two ways.

  1. Let me assign two keys for specific adjustments. one nudges up, another nudges down. For instance you could adjust exposure compensation down 0.1 with [ and up 0.1 with ].
  2. Let me choose an adjustment, (Like Exp. Comp) and press and hold “E” and then adjust with left and right arrow keys.
    “E” for Exposure Comp
    “H” for Highlights
    “M” for Midtowns
    “S” for Shadows
    “B” for Blacks
    “C” for Clear View
    “W” for White Balance (+/- 100 K)
    “R” to Nudge rotation (+/- 0.5 Degrees)

Ideally these keys would be customizable.
Of course, if you release the key, then the arrows switch back to advancing to another photo.

This would vastly speed up editing time and require much less mouse moving, pointing, clicking… For high volume jobs (editing 100’s of images) this would be a huge benefit.

Good morning @MikeR and welcome to the forum,

Thank you for the suggestion (btw, you should vote for your suggestions by yourself as well - top left corner).
But it seems to me we have already got a similar one. Could you, please search for it and vote there?

Thank you
Svetlana G.

I created a different one mainly because those address general customization of shortcuts. The point here is Photolab should be able to be customized such that key presses directly apply adjustments, not just select tools.

I want to be able to press +++ or —- to raise or lower the exposure by 0.3 stops. Now I have to select the exposure compensation tool, click and drag, or click in the box and type a new number. When editing a few images this isn’t a big deal but when editing a large project it’s a time killer. It can be so much more efficient.


Okay. Let’s leave it separate then.

Svetlana G.

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Yes, yes, yes! Pleeease! I’d love this, especially the arrow keys for adjusting levels. There is nothing more frustrating and vexing in PL than trying to make a subtle adjustment to warmth or hue using the sliders of a control point!

PS: 100 Kelvin steps are too big!

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Yeah you’re right 100K steps are too big. I didn’t think that one through.

If I want to make subtle adjustments I find myself typing the number into the box. Seriously? I have to type numbers into the box?!?!? That’s crazy.

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Typing a number in the box has an additional irritation: when you place your cursor and click, the thing jumps so your cursor is then not where you placed it.

But that is the least of it. The real frustration is in trying to make a subtle adjustment using the sliders of a control point or mask. The smallest increment that warmth moves in is a bout 160K. You can move in smaller increments but only if you pull your cursor far out to the side and by the time you’ve got it there it’s 2000 K out and your screen isn’t big enough for the mouse drag you need to get the K value to where you want it. It makes about as much sense as having a car with an accelerator that starts with high revs and you have to press for low!

Being able to use the up and down arrow keys to make adjustments there will be a big relief.

Mike, you can achieve this now by Right-clicking either side of the slider-control … on the left side to reduce the value by a set amount - and on the right side to increase the value by a set amount.

Note: PL’s Exposure Compensation tool “increases or reduces the brightness coefficient of each pixel in the image” to the degree that you specify - but not specifically by “stops”.

Regards, John M

Fellas: You can vote for this here: Request: Fine tuning local-adjustment sliders (Consistency issue)

Regards, John M

I don’t want to have to click. Clicking means I have to locate the control. Move the mouse to it and click.

I want to be able to adjust exposure by pressing a key, then being down highlights but pressing a key. Adjust contrast. Etc… then move to the next image and repeat. (With different adjustments)

All without touching the mouse.

I can do this in capture one and blaze through 100 images very quickly.

That’s the point.

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Did that some time ago. Thanks!

I really like the sound of that!

What you propose is the equivalent of the Speed Edits of C1 as well as the version of ON1.
It would be really good.

Yes. Speed edits in C1 version 21.
However the keyboard shortcuts that Capture one has had for years would also be an improvement. But yes speed edits would be great.


Still no news on customizable keyboard shortcuts ?

Over a year since the last comment so any news on this? I’m considering trying DXO Photolab for my bulk processing. Currently I’m a Lightroom user and have a Logitech G13 gaming keyboard with Paddy to program the keys. This allows me to make many adjustments, to exposure, whites, blacks, contrast, colour temp and tint, shadows, etc. I can hammer through hundreds of images much faster than I did when manually selecting sliders so is an option I can’t do without.

Yes !
Quick edit. Just “copy” the key of CaptureOne which are pretty logical