Keyboard shortcuts for exposure

I frequently adjust exposure (usually a little, sometimes more).
Clicking on the small up / down arrows for changes I very often click on the wrong direction, thus I have to undo the errors and attempt to adjust in the desired direction.

Something as simple as command/up arrow would be fast efficient and accurate.

If you implement something this basic, surely other commands will want equal attention.

This has been requested multiple times.

My request is here and encompasses your request fully I believe. Feel free to vote for it if you agree.

Hi Dan - - These tips may help …

If you Right-Click on either side of a tool’s slider - then it will increment/decrement the value of the setting by a fixed amount (such as +/- 10 or +/- 5) - according to the side on which you clicked.

Also, you can Double-click on a slider to reset it to its default setting.

I click on the slider and then roll the mouse wheel for 5 point increments or others depending on what they are. I find this very easy.


What is more clear as up=plus and down=minus???


Not having to use the mouse.
I thought that was pretty clear.

The only thing I see is that you’ve problems with the meaning of the arrows.


No the problem is you need to click within a very small box only a few pixels by a few pixels. And it takes some time to put the mouse exactly on the arrow and if you try to be quick as some of us do when we are trying to edit large galleries on a timeline then you can sometimes miss.

The request is to be able to use the keyboard and press keys instead of having to move a pointer around to a precise location and click. It’s much much faster.

Like the Speed Edit de C1, here
I had already talked about it here without success

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Yeah. That’s similar to the idea in the link in the second post of this thread. But seems most people here argue change just to argue change.

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