Integration with Photo Supreme Ultimate has regressed

Integration with Photo Supreme 7 broke in the latest version. To verify this, I uninstalled PL5, then installed version 5.5 build 4732. This worked perfectly. Then I upgraded to build 4770 and the integration failed.

Here is the symptom. In PS7, select a few files. I am editing RAF files. When I click PSU’s “Edit in Photolab 5” button, the files are correctly sent to PL5 which correctly launches into the Customize tab. However the navigator in PL5 displays “No images selected” and there is no file in the edit window. The files have been successfully passed to PL5 because they appear correctly when clicking the PhotoLibrary tab. After displaying correctly, the Customize tab works properly with all images displayed in the navigator.

This may be relevant (Link)

John M

Ahhh - Looks like you’ve duplicated this topic here, Mark.

Wherein @David_McA provides the same reference as I did (above).

I suggest you request DxO Support Staff @Barbara-S to delete this thread, to avoid confusion.

John M

The integration problem I am having is with the newest released build of Photolab 5.5. I had temporarily installed PL6 to test its DAM capabilities but never tested integration.

I did look but failed to locate a like thread. Sorry for the inconvience and I request to delete my thread, @Barbara-S