Installing on new win 10 computer

First the setup. I have been using a Win 7 computer. DxO Nik/PL2 Elite works fine.

First very basic question: I want to see how it will work on new Win 10 machine. I have two installation files–a Nik and a PL2. Which do I install first? Or are they perhaps the same and depend only on a license number?

Second question: Does the installation allow me to choose a disk/directory? I can’t remember. I want to install the program on the HHD not the SSD for space reasons.


I would be installing PL2 first. Activate it then install Nik. This is so that you won’t have issues with licenses.

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Yes PL first than NIK make sense.
You do not need to activate the license if you want to try first: there is a free trial or PL and for NIK.
You should be able to choose a directory during the setup process. Although for Nik I am not sure anymore, just pay attention to the steps so you do not miss the opportunity.

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Good morning,

  • Yep, you can select a directory when installing PhotoLab.

Svetlana G.

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A word of caution. If NIK is the Google version, it will not run in W10 because it’s 32 bit.

Thanks, Svetlana and everyone. I won’t get around to trying it for a bit (first need to figure out how to customize the awful Win 10 and get rid of the tiles–yuk!), but if I run into any issues, I will come back for answers.

jamhen2: it is the DxO Nik 2 Collection. I did use the Google version for some years with Picasa! Worked well!

Must say after trying a number of different photo software programs the last 3 years, DxO is the one that works for me. Enjoying it very much, as opposed to tearing out my hair with some of the others!

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Open-Shell which was Classic-Shell will get the much better “old” start back.

Thanks. Helpful info.

I have fallen behind on my computer/OS knowledge (though I used to program back in the dark ages). Basically, I do not like Win 10 but could not afford a Mac right now and will keep my Win 7 machine for offline use after January.

I upgraded to W10 from W7 and had the Google Nik Collection that I used in PS and LR

When I installed and bought PL and indeed upgraded to PL2 I found that it had picked up the Nik Collection…though I have not used it/them in a long while. But they are still there :slight_smile:

Checking my original Google Nik Collection install files there are both 32 & 64 bit versions of the .bf files.

So, they are there as needed as appropriate!

PS I ran W7 Pro 64 bit and upgraded to W10 Pro 64 bit…in case that makes a difference???

Nope, i run nik on win10 64b.

I don’t like that interface, either, Jill - - If you Right-click on each tile and then choose “Unpin from Start” then you can eventually take the Start menu back to only the application list.

PS. Win10 is worth upgrading to (from Win7) - - and it’s not too difficult getting it to look & behave pretty much like the Win7 UI.

eg. Here’s my “clean” Win10 interface

  • I use RocketDock to provide the application menu you can see at the top of my window.



Thanks, John. Great info and I love your desktop background! Can’t wait to try RocketDock, too.

Still trying to find time to get the Win 10 machine set-up.

That would look and feel a lot better on Win7 though, which is what the irony is. But, I get your point, given the extremely poor and frustrating native UI in Win10, anything is better. But that is the only point.

I don’t understand your logic at all. Having used every version of Windows professionally since 1992, Windows 10 is the fastest, most stable, and most secure version ever. There is absolutely nothing poor or frustrating about Windows 10’s UI for anyone who takes the time to learn how to use it…


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And why should anyone have to learn a new user interface when they are happy with the existing one?

Oh I remember. Microsoft seeing iOS and android market share decided it could abuse its huge captive desktop user base and force them to use a UI and OS designed for a phone. The idea being they would then all rush out and buy phones and tablets that looked the same. They even spent $7 billion buying Nokia to make such phones. We all know how that worked out.

The crappy windows UI that (sane) people hate/want to get rid of is the remains of a terrible, abusive, and utterly failed Microsoft marketing strategy.

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I am perfectly sane, and have no problem working with the Windows 10 user interface.

The current Windows 10 start menu is not that different from the old Win 7 start menu. Additionally, there are third-party apps available that can make it look exactly like a Windows 7 start menu. There are some additional features in the Windows 10 interface, but you don’t necessarily have to use them.

This nonsense about the Windows 10 interface is getting old. Somehow hundreds of millions of people are using it every day and enjoying it. There’s always going to be a flat Earth crowd that resists technological change. However, technology will continue to change and evolve over time. That is a given. Any legitimate arguments about Windows 10 pertaining to privacy have nothing to do with the visual aspects of the user interface that seem to so upset so many Windows 7 users. And those privacy concerns can be mitigated.

The real issue is that some machines running Windows 7 cannot be updated to Windows 10. For those unwilling or unable to purchase new hardware, the result is they’re stuck in a kind of no-man’s-land and cannot move forward. But that is a different issue.

Those who fail to embrace new technology will simply just fall behind. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s a personal choice. But with that choice, users must accept that eventually they will be limited in their software choices.

There are many people still happily using the now ancient Windows XP with very old versions of consumer software. More power to them if what they are currently using meets their needs. For those of us who want more, we have to be prepared to change as technology changes.


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So Win 10 UI isn’t as bad as it used to be or as bad as 8.1 or 8.0 because they keep making it look more like Win 7 - rofl.

I resist change for change’s sake and especially change for the sake of Microsoft’s marketing department’s stupid ideas.


100% agree. With >>> Mark

Windows 10 is a great OS. Start menu works perfectly. Yes, similar to 7, but so much more. Its infinitely customizable, and windows search is built in. If you’re comparing it to the failed Metro interface in windows 8/8.1, you are sadly mistaken.

Some people want to live in the past. Well,… you are welcome to do that. That choice can include unknown or future compatibility issues. Stick with windows 7 for another 14 yrs. No thanks, I’ll take the new architecture, security enhancements, applications support, guaranteed compatibility (or at least the assurance) of a fix and yep, a shiny new interface.

Apple, ya I own a few of those as well. They have clever people in their marketing department too. I know there are lots of people who happily upgraded to Catalina only to find out every 32bit app they own won’t run. Resistance is futile. So, change is good all around.

Technology moves on whether you like it or not. It happens everywhere. Are you still using a flip phone? Some people are. They have no intention of getting a smart phone which they feel would be an intrusive addition to their lives. Are you using a current car with all the new electronic technology? Most seem to embrace it but some hate it. Not all change is good or well though out. But at some point you need to make a decision to go with the flow of technology or drop out. How much longer do you think using Windows 7 will be viable or even possible? Stick with it if you want to, but unless you eventually move to a Mac or unix operating system, like it or not, sooner or later, you will be using Windows 10.


Security improvements alone are a sufficient reason to be using Win 10.