PL3 upgrade pricing, clarification?

Thanks for sharing that Mark. All of our views evolve over time. Before the Snowden Papers and the public exposure of Prism (Apple joined in 2012 only after the death of Steve Jobs), I occasionally wondered if I was a paranoid conspiracy theorist. Then I realised the situation was much, much worse than even I thought. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Microsoft have been building us a digital prison and not a digital playground.

What we can all do to help the situation with online privacy is not give a free pass to software publishers we like and respect to join the privacy violation party. For instance right now PhotoLab now goes online and calls home every time it’s started, whether we authorise it to do so or not (nominally PhotoLab is “checking for updates” but I’m sure it sends a system identifier and small system profile with that data). This is bad behaviour but can still be blocked with Little Snitch on Mac.

On the other hand if DxO were to decide that PhotoLab won’t open if it’s not allowed an open internet connection I would not accept that update and would do my best to publicise this bad behaviour every time I saw PhotoLab getting press. Normally I’m an active PhotoLab advocate but that advocacy is based on how DxO’s actions.

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I completely agree. Depending on what I’m doing on my computers I occasionally disconnect the internet altogether. I don’t always need to be connected.


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Could not care less about “faster.” My Win 7x64 Pro is very stable and does not download crap I do not want in the form of stupid games and advertising. Not sure why you think it is more secure either.
Bought a Win 10 to use online and will keep my Win 7 for photo editing. But the Win 10 machine is so far a PITA. Ugly interface. Updates that break hardware and software. Spyware. Can only get certain things if you create an account. Hard to find and do things that were easy before. Annoying does not cover it. And the spying is just creepy.

There is already another photo editing software company/program that will not work properly if you block it from connecting to the internet if your wi-fi is on. (not talking about Adobe which I do not use) I checked where it was connecting to and found the “sites” were considered unsafe. Complained loudly and told them how to fix it. They had no good answers. I no longer use that software.

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Win 10 hasn’t loaded any games or advertising that I haven’t downloaded myself. I’m not saying that being connected doesn’t have it’s downsides, but you have more control over what gets installed than you think. As far as bloatware is concerned, I uninstall any that was preloaded when I buy a new computer.


I was a reluctant mover from Win7 too - but, I eventually made the switch - and soon found that I could adjust the UI to my liking (see here) - - and I’m now very happy with the Win10 environment.

Regards, John M

Welcome Franz

Are you sure ?
Look at the problem the other way.
You pay the real price of this software: 70 € / $ (50£) a year is cheap.

Some have a discounted price at the price of missing features.
Between us, PL essential is not interesting :wink:


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The upgrade pricing is strange at best. All new features are part of both editions.
In absolute numbers I would expect exactly the same upgrade price for both kinds of existing customers. Comparing the relative discounts it looks different. An essential user has to pay 54% of the current price in order to upgrade whereas an elite upgrade is just at 45%.


There sure are different ways to evaluate the upgrade price and whether or not it’s justified. My own opinion is that it’s a bit expensive, but not relative to a lot of other software or to photography in general. While there’s nothing clearly documented that represents a new feature exclusive to the Elite edition, there do seem to be some under-the-hood tweaks and fixes that improve Elite features and performance. Plus, if you look at the history of DxO major releases, especially for OpticsPro, PL3 is a decent upgrade from PL2. Not the biggest ever (that might be PL1), but good IMO. Very beneficial to my workflow, which is a personal and subjective experience.

I consider the chance of a Black Friday deal to be low, considering there isn’t a sustained history of discounts greater than what is being offered right now. As far as I can tell, last year’s big BF sale was unique. If I’m wrong, I’m happy for those who will benefit. The current price is affordable to me - and I had unspent gift money and extra earnings to spare. What’s good for me isn’t good for everyone. Best wishes to all.


PL3 was supposed to support Fuji X-trans, it doesn’t ! To process old Olympus C5050, I need either my classical lightroom or my new ON1 photo raw editor that both support a lot of old gears and new cameras. Even open source or small softwares can support more cameras. We change cameras, but archival raw files still remain in our hard disks…
If we go towards PL3, ON1, or C1, it’s for most part of us because we are refusing the Adobe’s subscription economic system. For lightroom, it’s 150€/year but with a good DAM and photoshop. Finally PL3 even if it is sold as a perpetual licence, with the annual upgrade policy we more or less do pay the same and further more by adding another DAM or a second raw editor to cover old cameras and fuji’s ones.
I don’t think DXO had choosen the right way to convince us to definitely quit lightroom even if for me I find in PL a better raw editor than lightroom but it’s not enough and not so friendly for the price. So is it worth it finally ? Financially speaking, I don’t think so. And what is a pity and hurts me is that i’m a french photographer and I should naturally support this very good company but sorry not at any price. Please DXO, review your upgrade policy and you will see that more photographers would be interested in giving you a chance to succeed in this confidential market. But take care because ON1 is moving fastier those last months with a real good and integrated product (DAM + RAW + FX). Sorry for my poor english…

I agree it’s regrettable that PhotoLab doesn’t support Fuji X-Trans. Personally, I’d like to see more ways to demosaic Bayer sensors, too. But where and when did anyone say that DxO would support X-Trans in PL3 or any time soon?

To request support of the Olympus C5050, did you follow the link at the bottom of this page?

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I would have expected that a new upgrade would bring new cameras like the xtrans (XT-3, XH1) that are all but exotic cameras…I think that when you setup a raw editor that claim to struggle with lightroom or other competitors you should make efforts to offer the best you can or at minimum what should be expected by the community. DXO crashed with it DXO camera offering only iphone support, now they are still paying this huge mistake…and the product was good…but too much confidential and moreover unusable for just millions of people with android smartphone, should those people change their smartphone for an Iphone ? Who should adapt to the other ? the customer or the product ?
Regarding C5050, they never supported it and I can understand regarding it age, but some competitors do so who’s right ?
I 've just tried the PL3, and my first crash bug appears after 5 minutes…I’ve already got ones sometimes in PL2…so i’m really cold to pay this upgrade with this bad taste of an instable version. I hope it would be resolved in the next updates.

Again, as @Egregius asked - and You did not answer >
Where did You read PL3 was supposed to support Fuji X-trans?

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Nowhere but I supposed to before discovering it wasn’t supported. A good software + a good camera can be useful for a photographer, that was just my opinion. And as I already said, if competitors offer it why DXO could not do offer it ? most of webservices and softwares are made by crowdsourcing inspirations and suggestions so that’s not a mad idea for a raw editor to support some raw files from cameras that received TIPA awards those last years, always IMHO…

you can’t get everything with anything, no where DxO said they would support x-trans and it has been asked many times, C1 does with their special Fuji version, they are also great for portrait/street and landscape but does not support any telephoto or superzoom lens for wildlife photographer. I’m sorry but IMO ON1 is not comparable to any PL version (I did bought ON1 since 2016 up to 2019 version and always been disappointed with the results I had and how slow it run, specially 2018 version).


Hi did anyone read this?

You see it’s not just “we need to implent this by getting a xtrans camera”, it’s more complex then that.
That fact that they are listening and are willing to see if there core software can be rewritten to be able to use fuji x trans sensor raws is a positive respons.
As i read there comment correct is that the way some parts of dxo’s optic pro and thus photolabs work before the demosiacing part makes it difficult to implement a completely different sensor layout.
As long as there are requests for the sensor and the buildup of users is showing it will bring this to a point they will step up there energy in this conversion matter of those pre demosiac processes which hold back this support of x-trans sensoren.
So keep active to give positive feedback about the support for Fuji camera’s. Some things go slow but steady. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: In the thread is a workaround mentioned. Ask @photovit if it works properly.
If so well, your half way… :grin:


I also uninstall bloatware–when Windows lets you. Even PCdecrapifier would not get rid of the 101 mb of Office files and the stupid WildTangent stuff on Win 10. It always worked on my other computers, And I had to research how to get rid of the xBox garbage as it would not uninstall. A PITA.

Chrome spies on you too.

No justification for bad behaviour by DxO. If we wanted spyware, we’d buy Adobe. Anyone running Chrome instead of locked-down Chromium (privacy settings set to not send any data to Google: search autofill is the obvious place) either does not care at all about his or her privacy or is a fool. There’s only two options here.

@Deneice I’m sorry but DxO does not support X-Trans, has always said they won’t support X-Trans any time soon if ever. If you want to use PhotoLab buy a different camera. I had other issues with sport auto-focus and APS-C high ISO image quality but lack of PhotoLab support did play a role in selling off all my Fuji gear and eventually moving to a Nikon Z6 for mirrorless. For all photographic intents and purposes, Nikon Z6 is basically an X-H1 with a full frame sensor. To get the same small form factor as X-H1 + small Fuji lens and retain auto-focus, I did have to buy a TSE-001 adapter for my Sony Sonnar Zeiss 35mm f2.8. Nikon has promised some Z pancake lenses some time soon (the Canon EF 40mm f2.8 was my favourite lens on Canon for its high quality and small form factor: I rarely shoot wider than f2.8 for anything except nigh time sports as the depth of field is very shallow and I’d prefer to carry a lens that’s 1/4 the size of an f1.8 version).

I’d rather give up Fuji cameras than PhotoLab.

When I did shoot Fuji doing the basic RAW processing in Iridient Developer and then all cropping, perspective correction and noise reduction in PhotoLab more or less worked. Not an ideal workflow of course.

Alec, preferring a software above a camera system, It’s a radical way that should not be the best taste for all but I agree that sometimes a too bloated system like the FOVEON system could kill itself just by not being supported by the major editor or maybe because Sigma doesn’t want to collaborate with them and in it case it’s right that is better to give up…

To keep in the subject, and for my personal case, I’m still not able to use PL3 that crashes every time I launch it, even with the last update. Paying 79€ for that beta version is a bit expensive if I can’t use it, and the support still not answer me after more than 48hours…