PL3 upgrade pricing, clarification?

Hi all

With PL3 now ‘out in the wild’ I note on the main page though it says a “from” price it is not 100% transparent that the Elite version is that much more ~ a minor issue maybe why do we have to drill in to get the full information when it could all be on the one page, afteral there are only two versions and there is apparently no scale pricing structure depending on how long you have owned the previous version???

Other software such as Photodex, as far as I recall, make it clear what the upgrade price is for the two versions on the single page…makes mores sense to me :wink:

I first saw £42.99 and thought OK, but when I logged into my account the upgrade price was £54.99 !

PS other than Beta testers, I look forward to seeing what other ordinary customers make of it…especially Windows users as from the blurb on the page not all features/function are fully cross platform i.e. some Mac only for now :frowning:

You already got the difference between Essential and Elite versions…

What bothers me more is the fact that, exactly like last year, I got an e-mail with a “special update offer” that ends just a few days before Black Friday.

Obviously, DxO still is not aware of what they really did to their loyal customers last year. After having waited a full year for features that were promised to appear in PL 2 (partly even in PL 1! - and it seems that some are not even in PL 3…), I think the very least we can expect from DxO is a very good update offer - and not trying to fool their loyal customers a second time. That means, the update offer should be a) the same amount as the (2018) Black Friday discount (50%), and/or b) the upgrade offer should not end just before Black Friday.

(My personal opinion: since PL 2 brought only promises, the PL 3 update should be free for PL 2 owners to at least compensate for the long waiting…)

Here is the thread of last year (Black Friday issue starting at post 43):


£55? Who would have thought removing support for Windows 7 would be so expensive :slight_smile:

Adobe are also not supporting Windows OS versions as they go out of life/support. This is to be expected and it is likely all software vendors will follow this change. Windows 7 is 10 years old and has had a good life but the world moves on. Your choices of software going forward are going to rapidly diminish no DXO-PL 3, no LR, no Photoshop. It is a personal choice to run an old OS but it does carry consequences.

Its an unpleasant consequence for those who have been unwilling to upgrade or can’t upgrade because of computer limitations and the expense of purchasing a new one. Users of Windows XP, which was a very popular operating system, know very well the limitations they are living with as a result of their decision to stay with it. I’ve been telling Windows 7 users for several years that this day would come. Now that it’s almost here they will, unfortunately, be going through a lot of angst and will have decisions to make.


Current requirement for photoshop is

“Microsoft Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 (64-bit)*, Windows 10** (Version 1709 or later)”

They dropped support for 8.x before 7 (because 8.x is garbage no one uses). Just a shame 10 is garbage that many have been forced to use.

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Completely and totally disagree. I have been a Windows power user since 1992 and Windows 10 is the fastest, most stable version of Windows that Microsoft has ever released.



And my first PC ran MSDOS from 5 inch floppy discs - so what. Windows 10 is a steaming pile of poo that thinks my computer is a phone owned by Microsoft. It is win 7 with spyware and everything else I hate about andriod added.


Hmmm! on the face of it it, in the case of this upgrade, it is best to wait for Black Friday rather than take advantage(?) of the early adopter/upgrader discount…because the BF deal should drop the price a tad below the current discounted offer :wink:

PS Therefore I think I will be patient and wait for Black Friday :slight_smile:

In regard to updating the OS to make use of software:-

I had Win3.11 then Win95 then Win2000 then Win7 and now Win10

In some cases it was to use for example Adobe LR but in the case if Win7 it became a sluggardly cludge of an OS so gave in and made use of the free update to Win10.

Because I was on Win7 Pro I got my update to Win10 Pro 64bit and that does have some end user advantages in the way of settings and control compared to Win10 Home. Including that you can delay core updates by up to 365 days if needed!

Windows 10 is best Windows for me, stable, fast, free updates for years. Would never install Win 7, even if someone would pay me to do so.

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Ok. So In exactly which ways is it a “steaming pile of poo” .

If you are paranoid about privacy in the technocentric world we’re living in than I suggest you live off the grid, get rid of your computer and phone altogether,

In addition, don’t get a driver’s license, or purchase a car or get a car registration, start working for cash or barter, don’t go to doctors or hospitals, don’t buy a smart TV. In fact, you should get rid of electricity altogether unless you use 100% solar panels. You should also use a post office box rather than your home address for mail. Get rid of all your credit cards. Don’t vote. Don’t apply to the government for anything.

If you do all that, the only thing you will have to worry about is the satellite imagery of you and your home. If you have privacy concerns, Microsoft should be the least of your worries. :roll_eyes:



So did mine I got my first IBM PC in around 1984. My point is very simple. Windows 10 is by far the best version of Windows there has ever been.


Same here, upgrade price on the main page is 49,99€, after login it is 69,99€

It’s not that hard to turn the annoying features off in Windows 10.

But it’s easier to complain about them.


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That’s right, Tilmann. That offer on Black Friday was not nice news for those who decided to buy version 2 just after the release. Nevertheless, I think the new version 3 is a step in the right direction.

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I just imagine that DxO is not offering a Black Friday deal this year and the feedback forum becomes unusable for several weeks because people expected it this time. On the other hand, if they actually offer a BF deal, then everybody who bought before will start to complain.

The only way out for DxO is to offer a BF deal but at the same conditions as the introduction offer. But I’m sure there would be complains about that as well… :roll_eyes:


The main page says “FROM 49.99 €” now (69 is temporary deleted). It is not very clear, but means 49.99 is for Essential version. :wink:

I checked also new version and do not understand why I should pay €69 to upgrade my Elite version for functions (HSL, keywords) which I do not use and on the other end do not see long awaited improvements which affects all!


  • DXO still does not update XMP files with rating or so done in DXO, it use/reads them but cannot change them outside DXO
  • Still no compare pictures side by side
  • Still no visibility of Prime noise reduction on full picture
  • Still VERY slow to process my (Z7 RAW) files

I started to use DXO only when I need Viewpoint, but started also to use Viewpoint 3 app externally and Denoise AI instad of converting RAW’s with DXO because of late support for new lenses and speed.
If update would be cheaper I would recinsider but for me it’s not addressing any shortcomings but adding functionality with little benefit.