Installing on new win 10 computer

It’s almost 2020. People should really stop this fixation with the Windows 8 Metro interface which was introduced in 2012 and was significantly modified with the inclusion of a start menu in Windows 8.1.There are no remnants of the Metro screen in Windows 10. It’s long gone and its time to move on.


Many people hate the tile interface. Thanks to suggestions here, I managed to get rid of them. But, I miss my desktop icons. I use them a lot for organizational purposes. How to I get those back? If anyone know, I would love to hear. Going into a menu for eveything is annoying and I always hated the nonsense of “Libraries” (even in Win 7) where things disappear never to be seen again.
I used to teach others how to use computers. Doesn’t mean I have to like Microsoft’s “improvements " AKA where can we hide this function this time”?

Every time I install a program (including PL3), I get a desktop icon for it. I’m not sure why it’s different for you.

Just drag the application names from the start menu onto your desktop or right click on the name of the application to create a shortcut on the task bar. This is a very basic Windows 10 feature.

A lot of installers ask if you want s desktop icon as well. For programs used a lot just drag them to to task bar

It isn’t about program icons. I want to have folders and documents on my desktop, but I have not yet tried to put them there. Have not had time to deal with all the customizations I need/want to make so I can stand the computer. Big holdup right now is how to get the appdata folders onto the HDD and off the SSD becasue it will fill up with all the appdata. Appdata takes up a lot more space than programs. Until I figure that out, I am still using my Win 7 computer. Sorry I bought a new computer with an SSD. esp. since it apparently too small.
Thanks for all the hints guys!

You can use File Explorer, Windows 10’s file manager. Select the documents or folders you want on your desktop and drag them there. Dragging without depressing any key will copy files, move files or create links to files on your desktop depending on what you are dragging. The action will be indicated in a small pop-up box. Most likely you will just want to create a link to their current location on your desktop so make sure you depress and hold the alt key while dragging. Using the shift key while dragging will move objects from their current location to your desktop. Using the ctrl key while dragging will copy objects from their current location to your desktop.


The Win10 interface is what is nonsense. Not my opinion about it. They implemented back in the day because hardware-challenged devices (tablets, phones) were supposed to be able to run it more easily. It wasn’t made because it was so great. It is literally uglier and more basic than Win3.1. Literally. It is flat, with an ugly X in the caption box. That is what it is. Explorer is being gutted from within (have you tried their new explorer yet, built into Windows but only available via tweak?). In Win7 you can place a folder or file into a directory with many folders or files and instantly see where it is alphabetically, it doesn’t move to the bottom of the directory. So if you replace some newer file or folder, you have to manually navigate to the older one EACH TIME. How is that a feature? It is the impoverishing of Explorer. The theming options are absolutely nightmarish and childishly ugly. No 3d party theming allowed either. Feature only get taken away, stripped. You can’t rename a pinned folder in the nav pane, it now actually renames the destination folder as though it’s hardlinked. A 7 year old can draw a better UI than Win10’s. They are making explorer itself look like ugly, low-grade hardware required modern apps. That is the only thing going on. I’m sorry you bought into all this. Win10’s UI is many steps backward from Win7. So was Win8. It looks like Win Server workstation for crying out loud. A wallpaper is not a visual style or UI development. That Win10 has a great UI is not an argument that can be made seriously. It really can’t.

Exactly right on. And all Windows power users know this. Win10 UI is truly a deep shame. And I timed it once, vs Win7. Even with many reg tweaks and customizations, Win10 UI is choppy and I spend more time navigating it than in Win7. It is like being used to a quality woodworking tool and then having to use Black & Decker ones. There is a reason pros use Makita, DeWalt, Bosch. There is a reason Win7 is preferred. Win10’s UI is like Mark Zuckerberg’s grey t-shirt. He may have 1000 of them but they still suck and are a homogeneous, sad mess.

I’m sorry you’ve had so few good experiences with Windows that 10 feels that good to you. But no, Win10 has one of the worst UIs in the history of Windows. Even 3.1 UI could compete.

Actually I’ve programmed for Windows professionally since Windows 3.1 was released. I have used every single version of Windows, although I have preferred some versions more than others. Having machines at home and work, I’ve been using Windows almost every single day since then. so I think I’m in a position to completely and totally disagree with everything you said. Windows 10 is the best version of Windows that is ever been released… I can’t imagine going back.


Dear users,

I think we should stop the argument about Win7 here. As anyone can have his/her favorite OS or do not want to change to something new, it’s a personal preference. But the argument does not change anything - Windows 7 is no more supported by PL3 and won’t be.

So let me close this topic.

Svetlana G.