Index a folder activation is blokking all other actions

i know this is mentioned before but i find this a big step back from former behaviour.
This kind of actions needs to be “done at the background” and NOT locking me out of all other possible actions.
i even can’t hide the application by closewindow of task so i can use the screen for something else.
i have to cancel the action inorder to continue my work on my screen.
or have a verrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyy lonngggggggg coffebreak.

@sgospodarenko could you speak out about this if this is a delibrated decision or a property still to be adjusted?


Hi Peter,

Yes, this was brought up during testing but unfortunately DxO never responded to it.



Seems to be a DPL on Windows issue. I’m indexing my photo archive as I write this, and I can also edit image in DPL. CPU load is at 85% for indexing, looks like indexing is single core only.

One issue though: An image returned from Nik 6 Silver Efex displays as colour image in PhotoLibrary view, except when I click on the thumbnail. I expect the thumbnail to remain monochromatic as soon as indexing has finished…but it doesn’t. Changing to a different folder and back re-renders the thumbnail which then remains monochromatic from there on. The issue did not show with an image traveling from LrC to SFX to DPL, which was not indexing at that time.

DPL 7.0.2 on macOS 12.7.1 on 5k iMac 2019 (8-core Intel)

Update: The issue is also present when DPL is not indexing. It definitely needs a folder change to update thumbnails, be it in PhotoLibrary view or the film strip in Customize view.

I remember some time ago (in PL5 or 6 ?), that the intermediate TIFF thumbnail was not updated when the Nik module had been applied and clicking on it, a folder change or else was needed to trigger the refresh.

After reporting it was solved.

@OXiDant We made many extremely concerned posts to DxO via the Beta Test topics and received no response whatsoever!

This was an irresponsible, retrograde action which was essentially “vandalism” even if the product is the property of DxO. But they made no response and changed nothing even though complaints were made early in Beta testing, i.e. there was plenty of time to reverse this stupid decision and leave the product as it was.

Sorry we were obviously, banging our heads against a brick wall!

I truly despair about the mindset of the DxO management when something so obviously wrong is left with no explanation and no apparent intent to fix something that should not have been broken in the first place.


That is correct. There were no explanations and absolutely no responses from DxO. I was disappointed by the lack of feedback regarding a significant change to an existing feature.



Similarly, for these two issues too;

PLv7: HSL mask for selected colour range is no longer interactive (as it was for PLv6)

PLv7 Request/Suggestion: Restore real-time feedback when placing a Local Adjustment’s U-Point (as it was with PLv6)


Just for clarity: I found that the thumbnail of the finished-by-Nik file is not updated by anything other than a folder change, Haven’t tried indexing the current folder though.

that was the main reason I stopped joining the EA program

It’s not really a problem when most staff doesn’t post here but before the covid struck @sgospodarenko was our first contact point here and she pulled in others when it was needed or required. Maybe her agenda is much more closed/filled then before or some other things are changed sins then because she’s much less active/present.
To be clear this is a observation not a complain.

A fact is questions and our observations about things that are raising eyebrows and asking for followup are much longer in the grey area then before. We are more together debating what the right answer could be then be informed about the correct answer. This sturrs alot of dust in the air and causes confusion by less experienced forum users about things. (Edit: lot of us are debating here because well we like it to have all kind of idea’s and use dxo pl as hangingpole, but people who are new and looking for guidens can be getting confused that’s what i mean.)

That’s why i ask a straight question.
Just to get a straigth answer.
Option 1 yes it’s on purpose because of this and that.
Option 2 yes we know it’s cumbersum but we can’t change it because of this and that.
Option 3 yes we know it’s not ideal and we are working hard to get it right.

(I hope it’s option 3…:grin:)



@OXiDant I may well be one of those that stirs up “dust” and causes confusion but mainly I seem to cause annoyance to more experienced users and forum members who seem to find my long posts problematic!

I have another one or two of those in the pipeline!

So I still post in the forum and then make a support request referencing the post, in lieu of DxO formally admitting to monitoring the forum and therefore having no responsibility to respond here.

However, the topic you raised here was originally a Beta test issue and @sgospodarenko was part of the DxO team interacting with Beta Testers and the Beta Test forum is much the same as this forum was in its heyday, which is to be expected for a Beta Test forum.

But @sgospodarenko is part of DxO and subject to their rules of engagement and no-one from DxO chose to respond to what I certainly considered to be the most retrograde action I have seen in a long time, particularly after all the work done with keyword and IPTC data handling.

It undermines any serious use of the product as any from of basic DAM. It looks like a design direction that went hopelessly wrong but no-one from DxO saw fit to discuss that with the users.

It risks making users feel “used” during Beta Testing rather than as part of a “team”, arguably the point that @Guenterm made above.

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Not by me, i just skim over it and decide if i want to spent more time on it to investigate, learn, helpout or what ever is needed. Same as the longwinded endless threads which a certain American (i don’t wake him up by using @. :yum:) i read or just skim and answer/reply or not. (it’s all about free will aldoh we think we have free will.:yum::sweat_smile:)

Yes we noticed it early in the beta versions and now it’s still embedded in the official release so the question moves to open forum too.:wink:

Keep on stirring the antsnest😁 .

@OXiDant But ants can bite and the smell and affects of formic acid are not the nicest plus all that stirring can be exhausting!

Were you trying for the award for the most “in context” emojis in a single post!?

PS:- sorry for the bad English it should have been effects not affects in “the smell and affects of formic acid”!

With respect to emojis whenever I think one might be appropriate I start looking at the alternatives :face_with_spiral_eyes: with their various nuances and decide it is safer :mask: to not add an emoji!!

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i am too much communicating with my kids i think! and other forums where we write mostly stupid and completely bullsh!t post about nothing.

Better to have bad englisch then bad breath! :rofl:

Nothing against fire-breathing dragons svp! And in order to not exclude anyone: Why not have both?


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1 week.

Four months now and still pending!

Maybe @OXiDant is not complaining, but I am! Things were much quicker to be solved and the relationship between some forum members and the company DxO, which has deteriorated to the point that several of the more negative members are leaving not only the forum, but DxO products as a whole. I can’t really blame them with no communication concerning their perceived problems from DxO. They have no idea if their concerns are being addressed.

Sorry Peter but I think the answer is more like option 2.

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I was occuppied for serveral months working in my home/house so very little time spent on my computer for photo’s and such.
Experience on v7 is not much after release so also not more user interface troubles either. :sweat_smile:

Good news is kitchen is done.
The pressure is of the kettle for now so i can reserve more time for sitting behind the pc screen.
So i afraid i stumble on many things which anoy or joy me in the near future when i use PL…:sweat_smile: