DxO PhotoLab 5 stopped working

Hello here,

since my Upgrade to Photolab 5 I hat very often a kind of unresponsibility from PhotoLab 5.
Meanwhile I updated to the latest publich available version but the application still stops inresponsible to user interaction.
An there is nothun unusual I do: opening a Nikon NEF file (independand of the user Camera (D3S,D800E,D4S,D850,D6), applying a predefined Preset (e.g. HDR Backilte), activating ClearView Plus an export to 100% sRGB JPG in the same directory including all metadata. Each NEF is processed seperatly, aber about 5 to 10 images, the user interface becomes unresponsible. After waiting minutes, I had to kill PhotoLab 5 within task manager.

Is there a way to create log files for DxO Support to analyze?


my still existing PhotoLab works on the same NEF files without any problem

Hi, Wolfgang. There are already log files in your Documents folder, in a folder for PhotoLab 5 logs. When PhotoLab becomes unresponsive, you can look inside or post here the newest log file(s) for analysis. I also suggest running the Windows Event Viewer and seeing if there’s anything in the Application and System event logs that might explain the unresponsiveness. Sometimes a disk or data bus problem is to blame.

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thanks for this information, Greg

the lastest LOG ist attached

DxO.PhotoLab.txt (1,5 MB)


have you seen this thread ? Same for you ? If so, welcome to the club…

Here’s another.

I managed to uninstall the latest version and then reinstall 5.0, solved my problems.

Installing 5.0 didn’t solve my problem. It seems it’s a driver problem:

I face a similar problem with the following configuration: DxO V5.1.2.4700 (I got a similar problem with the previous V5.1 releases) - System : Intel i7-4790, 3.6MHz, 16Go, x64, Windows 10 family 20H2.19042.1415.
I uploaded new drivers without result. I used “CPU only” in the deepPRIME preferences without success.
My experience is that the crashes come sooner and sooner (every 3 image exports to day). I tank you for providing all useful information from the support when you get some.

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And what GPU do you have?

I do not have any GPU …
I am using 2 cores of the CPU Board i7-4790

today’s results about 70 exports, 5 crashes of PhotoLab5. But I do not have any crash of the computer. The crash comes precisely after the export to the disc (correctly done) and before coming back to PhotoLab (no display of green mark “done” on the slide, no information saved about the unprocessed batch queue)