*** DxO Needs YOU! Early Access Programs application *** - Season 2022-2023

Hello Everyoneand welcome! :slight_smile:

What are DxO Early Access programs?
Early Access programs allow the participants to thoroughly test unreleased future versions of our software, while discussing directly with the product owner and the development team to give feedback and work on improving the quality and contents.

Who can join?
Everyone who wishes to actively use our software, whether as a main or secondary solution to cull and edit their RAW files and photos.

Is it possible to join more than one program at a time ?
Yes, you can apply to different programs if you wish.
You’ll just have to clearly state for which programs you want to be registered when sending your information.

What do we want from you if you join the program?
We’d like to remind you that being part of early access testing, and directly in contact with the people who craft this software is a privilege.
So we expect you to follow 4 simple rules:

  • Actively participate in building the future of our flagship software: As we continuously deliver Early Access versions during the year, we’re asking you to give us feedback on a regular basis . We can understand that some timeframes can be busier than others, but as long as we hear from you regularly, that’s all what matters.
  • Stay polite and respectful towards the DxO staff and, of course, other forums members: This is a must. No one is here to troll, feed the trolls, or act as a punchingball for others. Suggesting things and give feedback shouldn’t be an opportunity for some to show off superiority or anything. We’re all at the same level and work towards the same goal : improving our product so it will fit your needs better and better.
  • Be patient: We do our best to always read, think on and take into account your suggestions and ideas. That’s why we ask you to be patient and understanding, even if we take a long time to answer to your posts, or to have requested features implemented in the software. Some will be implemented fast, some will take longer, or won’t at all, as we have to follow specific strategies.
  • Confidentiality : to be part of this program, you’ll have to sign a NDA anyways, so we expect you to strictly respect this agreement.

If you’re interested in being part of the adventure, here are the instructions:

  • First step : Create an account on this forum
  • Second step : for DxO PhotoLab, DxO PureRAW and DxO Filmpack only:
    Fill the following application form
    For Nik Collection and ViewPoint, further notice will be provided, stay tuned.

Here are the programs currently open for application - as of December 2022

DxO PhotoLab ==> Open

DxO PureRAW ==> Open

Nik Collection ----- Closed for the moment

DxO FilmPack ==> Open

DxO ViewPoint ---- Closed for the moment

Best regards,
The DxO Teams