Buying Filmpack 6 now or wait for the next version?

I have been using PL6 for a while and like it a lot. Recently tried FP6 and enjoyed tweaking the vibe of photos, and now the trial has expired.

I am in no rush so I am happy to wait, so I wonder if FP7 will be coming out in a month or two? I kind of remember PL gets annual updates and it seems the best time to buy it is around Black Friday.

Any hints will be appreciated.

The next version of FilmPack will probably be out in an October 2023 timeframe. PhotoLab 7 will be released around the same time. Historically PhotoLab has been released the third week of October. However, last year it was released during the first week of October, around two weeks earlier than in recent years


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It’s not guaranteed there’ll be a good “Black Friday” deal … but it’s highly likely !

Also, having an FP licence with PL will unlock some extra features/sliders in PL …
image - Note Advanced settings

… as well as making all the FP renderings directly available from within PL;

Thanks Mark and John for the information, really appreciate it.
I guess I will be patient given it’s not much of a wait.

To John: It seems I already have the Highlights/Midtones/Shadows even without the FP package enabled. Though, I also notice the additional films setting when I had access to Filmpack.

I think you are confusing FilmPack with PhotoLab.
PhotoLab is updated every year, as you rightly write, but between FilmPack 5 and FilmPack 6 there were about 7 years.
FilmPack 6 came in October 2021, so I don’t think it’s necessary to wait yet :wink:

FilmPack schedules have changed over the years and predicting a release timeframe is therefore not very reliable.

In general, i.e. not limited to DxO products, I always recommend to wait. Finding out that your current belongings are all you need can help save your planet.


Wise words!

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PhotoLab 7 will likely be released in an October timeframe as it has been for years. If there is a FilmPack 7 Elite, it will be released during the same timeframe, @Sandbo may be disappointed if he has to pay for an upgrade to it 6 weeks after purchasing FilmPack 6. I strongly suggest that he wait.


Thanks, I forgot, that for DxO FilmPack the Early Access Program is ==> Open
(*** DxO Needs YOU! Early Access Programs application *** - Season 2022-2023)

So there will be this time a shorter update-circle with an release this year.

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Even with an open Early Access program, it isn’t a certainty that there will be a new major release of FilmPack by the end of October. That’s a fair guess, though, given DxO’s typical behavior.

Also, DxO sometimes releases new software without having an Early Access program. (The Nik Collection.)

The Nik Collection has Early Access programs. I have been tempted to join it a couple of times but frankly I don’t use the Nik Collection enough to warrant the effort on my part, and I don’t have the amount of expertise I would prefer to have if I became a Beta tester.


Not always!

I guess you’ve been tracking that more than I have.