Beta test next version

I took part in the testing of version 6 beta, but I didn’t see any call for applications for version 7, which has just been released, nor for version 8.
Am I missing something?

For PL7, there was a call to the beta tester, here.

Thanks, I missed it and will keep an eye on it this year !

It is easy to miss if you don’t monitor this site on a regular basis.


I monitor this site regularly and always nothing about beta test.
Perhaps DxO contact only most active persons on the forum…

You are probably unaware that this site will no longer be used for DxO beta testing. Perhaps you weren’t notified because you didn’t participate last year.


I realty feel 7 is still realty BETA it has so many bugs and ill finished changes. I just had to report yet another crash (unexpected conflict (again)) to support.

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If that’s the reason, DxO’s behaviour towards its fans is decidedly disappointing!
There’s very little communication with Dxo: when was the last staff message in response to our questions?
When I took part in the V6 beta test, we had messages from Captain PO and other staff members.

@be51 and we still had a special forum area where those that had been accepted for Beta Testing could at least communicate with each other while waiting for the testing to begin, but no more!!

The relationship between DxO and its users has gone from bad to even worse and has reached an all time low.

Contrast this decline with Affinity where any one can test BETAS and the BETA forums are open to any one. I really fear there are major problems with DXO. V7 has not had any improvements to the local adjustments mess and they are running a new BETA (along side the V7 one). I still do most of my editing in 6 and the few times using seven have had a number of crashes and lock ups with the current version something many others have been reporting as well. But I haven’t seen any one say they have had anything back from support on it.

Who knows something about that ?
Who participates ?

2 years ago, I wrote to Captain PO and he answered me ; two months ago, I wrote again and he didn’t answer ; perhaps he has leaved DxO…

When did you see a message from ‘staff’ last times ? Months or years ?

When the PL7 beta period ended they stated that upcoming betas would be held in a different form.

I’ve noticed that too …

I suspect staff have been instructed NOT to respond/interact with users (?)

Did @Required put an ad in the end of its message ?
If not DxO does not respond on this forum but it starts polluting it with ads. Inside messages … No dialogue but still communication …
Will they manage to make adobe nice ?

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I don’t see any ads. What are you seeing? Can you post a screen capture? Are you certain the ad is not generated by your browser?


Even you have one ads above as I can see it now:

I am currently on my phone, a Samsung S21, which uses the Samsung browser. I see no ads, but I do have ad blockers in place. I will turn them off and see if anything appears.

Edit: After turning off the ad blockers I now see the ads.


and in firefox in w10 AddBlocker is reporting 2 adds blocked on nearly every thread I look at. DXO has been busy changing things pity not the bugs in PL.

Looks like they have

I do have lot of add blockers, script blockers, and on PC I see adds every 5, 6 posts.

EDIT : Error. I’m not on my regular web station so I have not all of this.

So far AddBlocker in Firefox is defeating them for me its reporting them blocked. There are also a number of trackers being blocked as well

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