Does PL5 Elite include Film Pack 6 Elite / Redundancy Film presets?

I still don’t understand if my PL4 elite upgrade will include FP6 elite ?
Why is there in my personal DXO manager an option to upgrade to PL4 Elite → PL5 Elite and FP6 Elite alone ?
I always understood that Elite vs Essential was about FilmPack + ViewPoint included for the PL Elite version.

About FilmPack Elite vs Nik Collection, are we paying twice the same analog film presets ?
It would be time to reorganize those parallel offers and de-deduplicate similars preset between the standard PhotoLab film presets, the FilmPack option presets and the Analog Color and B&W film presets from the Nik Collection.

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Thank you very much Wolfgang ! I would appreciate to see it in the PL5 specs page instead of the hidden pdf release note…

In the pdf, I read

The standalone version and the plugins for Photoshop and Lightroom can be installed by downloading and
executing the appropiate installer found on the DxO website (

Does that mean that once paid the PL5 Elite Licence, we can download the standalone installer of FilmPack 5 to install it as a plugin for Photoshop and Lightroom ?

PhotoLab Elite does not include FilmPack or Viewpoint. They require separate licenses. FIlmPack and Viewpoint features are already embedded in PL5 but require a paid license for them to unhide these features. The difference between the Elite and Essential versions of PhotoLab is about other features. The Essential version does not support the ClearView Plus Haze filter or PRIME and DeepPRIME noise reduction. . The Essential version does not have a preset editor or support the creation of partial presets. Essential also does not support configuring the interface and limits the number of computers on which it can be installed.

In my opinion, there is no overlap between FilmPack and the Nik Collection. The Nik Collection is essentially a large collection of presets and filters that can be modified, while FilmPack 6 adds a number of other useful features directly to PhotoLab 5 besides the 97 filmtypes in it.


Thanx Mark but in the Pdf it’s clearly written :

Installation and activation
• *DxO FilmPack 6 is already included in DxO PhotoLab 5, and can be easily activated via the Help menu (PC0
or the DxO PhotoLab menu (Mac).
• The standalone version and the plugins for Photoshop and Lightroom can be installed by downloading and
executing the appropiate installer found on the DxO website (

No. As I indicated above, both Viewpoint 3 and FilmPack 6 Elite require separate licenses. When you purchase licenses for them you can install standalone versions of both so that they can be used with post processing software other then PhotoLab, PhotoLab has embedded versions of both Viewpoint and FilmPack which can be unhid with the same license as the standalone version.

The only overlap is the Perspective Efex module of the Nik Collection which is identical to the standalone version of ViewPoint. However, Perspective Efex will not unlock the embedded version of Viewpoint in PhotoLab.


If it says that, it was misstated and is misleading. Yes, FilmPack is already included in PhotoLab 5, but to view its features you need to purchase a separate FilmPack 6 Elite license. That is what the " can be easily activated via the Help menu" means. Sometimes the English version of their support documentation is not as well phrased as it should be. Does it say the same thing in the French version?.


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In French, same thing

Installation et activation
• DxO FilmPack 6 est déjà inclus dans DxO PhotoLab 5. Il peut être activé simplement via le menu Aide (PC)
ou DxO PhotoLab (Mac).
• L’application indépendante, les plug-ins Photoshop et Lightroom peuvent être installés en téléchargeant et
en exécutant l’installateur approprié sur le site web DxO (

“Already Included” = “Deja inclus” . There’s no lexical doubt in both language !!! I don’t think it means it is already ready to accept or activate a Film Pack. In this case, DxO would have specified “to buy separately or in option or not included”. From a legal and commercial point of view the doubt is in favour of the DxO client…

I can’t argue with you on that. It is an embarrassing mistake on their part. However, I can assure you that separate licenses at an additional cost is required to access Viewpoint 3 and FilmPack 6 Elite features from within PhotoLab.


This can be confusing, yes, and needs to be clarified. The way to understand what DxO is saying is to note the difference between the software and the licenses to use it. There is only one PhotoLab 5 to install. What you can activate and use requires various licenses. PL5 Essential unlocks certain features, PL5 Elite unlocks more, and the ViewPoint and FilmPack licenses unlock even more - and also activate their corresponding standalone/plugin software that is installed separately from PL5. The instructions are correct from this point of view.


That problem was my idea by writing the " Feature request: preference to see all disabled menu-items":