PL-E current and FP-E current

  1. Other than art effects to “reproduce” emulsion characteristics for specific films as well as various imaging/camera/film malfunctions, what does FP Elite provide over PL Elite, both current?

  2. If other than the above there are correction/workflow enhancements beyond PL Elite current, how much does it cost ONLY to unlock these within the existing licensed for free PL Elite installed application rather than licensing an entirely additional application the one will not be using in standalone mode? If one looks at the URL I have inserted above, DxO clearly states that the FP features can be activated without an additional fee, but this evidently (please see the URL) is not correct. If the Nikon Z9 is supported by the additional features other than the “art” features, I may have an interest, but I have no need at the present time with any client to use the “art” features (no client wants to see what the image would have been using, say, some variant of Velvia). However, the full license price of FP Elite current seems rather excessive for what I suspect are a very limited set of additions to what PL Elite offers (again, not “art” effects). Unlocking within PL E presumably means that one does not need to export to an intermediate format as one does with the Nik collection – the internal image pipeline is used within PL E.

Have you checked out this page?

You’ll find a"compare editions" link that should reveal differences.

DxO FilmPack ESSENTIAL Edition reproduces the colors and grain of iconic films as closely as possible using an exclusive calibration procedure developed in the company’s laboratories. End excerpt.

The functionality to reproduce film from digital images – an art effect – is of no use to me at this time as I stated in my query. I am interested in the additional corrections that FP Elite (not Essential) has beyond those in PL Elite. For example, there is a fine microcontrast “slider” that evidently is missing from PL Elite – would this “magically appear” were one to activate (for fee) FP Elite features within PL Elite? What other non-art-film-reproduction capabilities would be activated within PL Elite by licensing FP Elite? (I am of the firm opinion that DxO should enable that activation – not the “film” – for a very minimal extra license fee – as I am not licensing FP Elite as a standalone application nor as an Adobe, etc, plug-in.)

Here is the comparison between FilmPack 6 Elite and FilmPack 6 Essential. Note that this applies to the standalone as well as the embedded version, so some things may not make sense with regard to the imbedded version. As an example the Essential version does not support raw files and the Elite version does. Obviously, both embedded versions in PhotoLab would support raw files. It would be nice is these lists aligned with each other so it would be easier to identify the differences between the two. My second list is those features only in the Elite version. Of course, even for the features shared between both versions the Elite version gives you many more options. But, I hope this helps.

Complete list of differences

Features only in FP 6 Elite

Once again, I am not interested in the differences between Film Pack Essential and Film Pack Elite, both current. I am interested in what corrections (NOT the rendering of a digital image as though it were a film image) activating (for fee, evidently the full Film Pack Elite license fee although it will NOT be used as a standalone application) Film Pack Elite within PhotoLab Elite, both current, will provide. In a short, simple sentence, not using any film emulation rendering, what corrections to a raw digital image supported by PhotoLab Elite current will activating Film Pack Elite within Photolab provide BEYOND what one has in Photo Lab Elite? Again, without the film emulation renderings, what corrections will Film Pack Elite add to Photolab Elite?

These are the non-film oriented features that a Filmpack 6 Elite license will add to PL5 Elite.

Please note that:

  • Fine Contrast
  • Advanced Contrast
  • Creative Vignetting
  • Channel Mixer
  • Color Filters

These features are included but not mentioned in the clip provided by @mwsilvers .

… but the feature lists describe what comes in FP Elite and you can check this list against PhotoLab, which you already use. For first hand information, you can install the FP trial and see what you get.

If DxO provided a technical info about how their products are connected, that would indeed be fine…but they choose to use marketing material instead. :man_shrugging:

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You’ll want Fine Contrast. One of PhotoLab’s best features and only available with Film Pack Elite. Yes, it’s a bait and switch. Yes it’s a marketing trick. Yes, it’s a bit of a rip-off. Fine Contrast should clearly be included in PhotoLab Elite.

But you will still want Fine Contrast.