DeepPRIME XD introduces purple overlay/chromatic aberration

To be fair, DxO said that they acknowledged the problem exists. They didn’t say they were going to fix it. At least I haven’t heard that it is being fixed. :wink:

I’m thinking that this “might” get fixed when PL 7 comes around. DxO is very far behind on keeping their software up-to-date.

I had a bit of hope, looking at the preview window using XD it looked okay.
But once I exported the file, it wasn’t okay at all :confused:

Version 6.0.3 build33 is out… but still… nothing has changed!

Same problem here (build 33) M1 Max / Ventura.
But there is also an other problem: Pixelation on DeepPRIME XD

Turning of Lens Sharpness helps in this case…

800% crop! I think it’s just normal.


As Patrick says, that is perfectly normal. It isn’t pixelisation. At 800%, what you are seeing here are the pixels themselves, not an artefact of any processing. here’s as much as I can see of a shot from my Nikon D810 at 800%…


For those who might think that’s normal at 800%. it isn’t! here the version without Lens Sharpness: (DeepPRIME XD and Lens Sharpens turned off)

Not sure if you’re serious with this…

Of course you’ll see pixelation on a 800% magnification level. For what’s it worth, this picture was processed with the normal DeepPrime and you see the same pixelation which is completely normal at this level of magnification

After @wborre’s reply

Is that an exported image? Or in Photolab?
The photo above was taken with a non supported lens, so there is no lens sharpness profile that can be applied. It does have unsharp mask applied. With the Unsharp mask disabled, this don’t improve

Left with Unsharp, right without

Now, let’s have a look at a photo taken with a lens that is supported, the Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 Sports.

Left: Lens sharpness applied
Right: Lens sharpness disabled

Still pixelation. This is perfectly normal. And yes, if you add sharpness that’s done on pixel level so that could result in a more pixelated view when zoomed in to this level.

Either way, this has nothing to do with DeepPrime XD and therefore is off topic in this topic. And I don’t even think it’s a bug at all

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Think mine’s the best one …

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Wow! Pretty :laughing: :roll_eyes:

Yes! your photo illustrates perfectly both problems (color/artefacts).

I’m 100% serious. I know what to expect at 800%
Any professional can see it’s not true pixelation. It’s a pattern apearing after Lens Sharpness :
Photocombo with and without Lens Sharpness applied : same output resolution
Right side normal , left side with PATTERN not pixels.


I can see what you mean, although I may not be a ‘professional’. It’s too repetitive to be true pixelation. Looks more like oversharpening. Was it with default settings?

Is this with or without DP XD? If with: it is known that DP XD can sometimes create artifacts. That has been well covered in other topics. Especially with portraits but also with some sort of textures. Apparently the algorithm tries to revive too much detail. Easiest way I can reproduce that is by taking a very high ISO shot of a wall with fine grain structure. Process it with XD and I end up with all kinds of swirly artifacts. So in some cases it is better to use DeepPrime. This could be such an example. In that case it would be interesting to see if you have it on all photos, or only this one/only on this body-lens combo.

I’ve processed quite a number of photos with XD. In most cases it works fine. In other cases not so. Just a quick example. Left the default HQ noise reduction, right DeepPrime XD

If you look closely on this chin, in the right example, just right of the middle, detail is ‘made up’ and it creates a swirly kind of effect.

When viewed at 800%, you see similar patterns:

So, is it a bug? Not in my opinion. Sure, XD can use a bit of fine tuning. The default settings tend to be to harsh in these cases. But by adjusting the noise model in the advanced settings you can fine tune it quite a bit.

From left to right:
XD default
XD noise model -75

As you can see, the third one is clear most of the artifacts while removing most of the noise on the teeth.

Best practice is to only XD apply noise reduction if necessary. This photo doesn’t need DeepPrime nor XD so I didn’t apply it.

If this photo is processed without XD, I would suggest opening a separate topic for it as it has nothing to do with the purple overlay/CA issue discussed here. Could be something wrong in the lens/camera profile but could also be something completely different. So make sure to mention the used body and lens.

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Seems there is some improvement in 6.0.3


But then maybe not !

Nope - definitely still very broken - here is an example out output vs what is visible onscreen in PL6. A strong purple cast to the output file image.

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Another example of the same image with DeepPRIME vs DeepPrime XD
Screenshot 2022-12-02 at 9.45.51 am
Screenshot 2022-12-02 at 9.45.59 am

Unfortunately, I was hoping that this update would fix that…

As you can see, there are some expectations about this issue. Do you have any idea when this problem will be fixed?

I went back to macOS Monterey to avoid this annoying bug.
Before changing again, I will wait to read the user’s feedbacks if a new update is released.
MacOS 12.6.1 Monterey & DxO PL6 are the best friends today.