DeepPRIME XD introduces purple overlay/chromatic aberration

I started noticing that some of my RAW images processed via DxO PhotoLab 6 Elite has a purple overlay and/or purple chromatic aberration on darker subjects (like ravens/crows). It also shows up on underexposed images where I increased exposure/shadow. After trying to figure this out, if I use High Quality or PRIME, the image comes out right. If I use DeepPRIME, the image has a green overlay/tint to the image. If I use DeepPRIME XD, the image comes out purple.
Screenshot 2022-10-27 at 11.27.12 AM
Screenshot 2022-10-27 at 11.27.28 AM
Screenshot 2022-10-27 at 11.27.46 AM
Screenshot 2022-10-27 at 11.27.59 AM

I’m using the Mac edition on M1 Mac Studio.


Others are reporting the same problems - and I believe they’re all using MacOS. I suggest opening a support request via and then provide sample RAW files with .dop sidecars using (with a reference to the new support ticket number).

As a test please try changing the Color Rendering setting from the camera-specific rendering to “Neutral color, neutral tonality v2” and then compare output to original RAW. Please note that this should be the only change you make. Use Apply Preset “No corrections” or “Optical corrections only” and export, then after this change the color rendering as described above to the exported file to accomplish this. Does this help?

I have tested this out. As a new user I won’t be able to post much pictures at the moment, but I can confirm that your hint unfortunately changes nothing at all. Still a purple tint.

I am experiencing the same issue. I am using an 14’’ macbook Pro M1. I think it is quite clear from the picture attached that the Prime XD version is not usable as is.

The original image is the following, btw…

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Tried your suggestion. No go. :confused:

I can confirm this bug exists only on my Mac machines.

I have exactly the same problem on an M1 iMac. No suggestions made by DXO in these pages work. Come on DXO get your act together, I didn’t pay out £89 to upgrade only to find that the main new feature is unusable.

Ran a few tests on Intel iMac 2019 and Apple Silicon MBA 2020. Compared output as 16 bit sRGB TIFFS as quotient of layers in Adobe Photoshop 2022 and 2023 respectively.

Intel Mac (macOS 12.6.1)

  • Differences don’t show - unless I crank up exposure in PS 2022
  • Independent of WCS

M1 Mac (macOS 13)

  • Differences show, even without raising exposure
  • Only tested with DxO Wide Gamut WCS

Does the color overlay only occur on Ventura? Have Canon and iMac M1. Am trialling DXO PL Elite. So sorry to see this…I really would like to use DXO and am hoping for a quick fix.

The yellow cast on DeepPrime was not there when I was using Monterey. I only started testing DeepPrime XD after updating to Ventura.

The former can to some extent be alleviated by tweaking the colours

Have just ran some tests myself as LRc > Corrections/DeepPRIME (Fuji so not XD yet) and some minor tweaks > LRc > Local Adjustment etc is my standard workflow.

I can not recreate any issues on the test picture I just used.
Everything looks fine after exporting to DNG in either DPL5 or 6 or when viewed in Finder, Fast RAW Viewer or imported into LRc.

The only thing I see is the over exposed reds of the Wide Gamut which can be dealt with easily enough.

For reference I did exports both to DNG to open in LRc and JPEG:

Denoise and Optical only.
Denoise/Optical and some minor over tweaks.

Legacy Colour Space as per DPL5 followed by
Denoise and optical only but this time Wide Gamut.
Denoise/Optical and same minor tweaks as per DPL5 test but Wide Gamut.

For reference tests all carried out under Ventura and DPL5.5 build 88 and DPL6.0.2 build 26.

All fine with no strange colour casts or otherwise.

I do recall a picture I edited recently showing Purple Fringing/Chromatic Aberration on the edges of a dark building once opened in LRc that were not present or visible in DPL6 however was easily corrected in LRc and didnt think anymore on it at the time TBH.

Again for reference that happened under Monterey and with DPL6 build 25.

Will keep an eye on things but with only a few days left on the trial I’ll probably be sticking with DPL5 anyway for now.


I have the same issue, but not just the color shift, also some weird pattern on it.
Only the Prime denoising is ok, deepprime and deepprime XD are affecting color and adding some pattern. Here is 3 pictures of the same image, just changing the denoising feature.


Have the same issue, running an M1 Mac mini with Ventura. Most noticeable when increasing exposure or recovering shadows.

Confirmed on M1 Mac.
I have a problem with the Apple Neural Engine.
The GPU Apple M1 solves the problem.

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Interesting. Switching away from Apple Neural Engine (which is chosen by default), fixes this issue. Good workaround until DxO resolves this.


Thanks. Well done. Hope it’s been reported. GPU is v slow in comparison>

Thanks for workaround. Are you using Ventura or Monterrey?

I’m currently on Ventura. Thanks to Hiroshi.