What even is "true" colour any more?

I returned to processing some photos just now and saw a message about 6.0.3 being available, so installed it before continuing. I don’t know if what I show below is unique to this version or if it was present before.

The “colour cast” imparted by DeepPRIME XD has been discussed elsewhere, so this bit was no surprise…
Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 16.17.45
Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 16.17.51

It’s a subtle difference, but I can see it when flipping between them. However, this is what I see in the main viewer…

Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 16.18.11

More noise, of course, but also a completely different shade of blue!

Here’s a similar crop of a 1:1 export. I would say it fairly closely matches that in the main viewer. Neither of them are anything like the NR preview, however!

Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 16.21.27

It’s not a big deal because I can simply judge the noise from the NR preview, and the colour from the main viewer. But I was rather surprised!

Hmmm, I also note the thumbnail in the Photo Library view seems to match the NR preview.


For interest’s sake, the aircraft was at ~32,000 ft above sea level (and I was pretty close to sea level).

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Interesting differences indeed.

True colours are - or could be - the manufacturers default generation of the in camera jpeg as it was rendered after their intent of color science.

If you want Nikon colours and their special take on noise control, their color science and image processing are how they wish the end result to be with the prerequisites at the moment the photo was taken.
Using PL and their intent is chosen.
Running LR? Now it’s some another company’s take on colours and noise reduction.

But as you show here with changes in colours it’s apparent that something changed. A previous bug or weakness corrected, a new one introduced or simply a change of heart in how to parse colours.

It’s not about what PL thinks the colours should be… it’s that PL cannot agree with itself. The main preview and the exported image are essentially in agreement. The ‘Navigator’, NR preview, and Photo Library thumbnail are also essentially in agreement. But those two groups are quite different to one another. I would expect all 5 renderings to be close to the same colours.

Thanks a lot for sharing your observations. Yesterday I also updated to PL 6.0.3 and was hoping for a solution to the color cast introduced when using Deep Prime XD and the Apple Neural Engine. However, it seems that while fixing some bugs in the background, new bugs were introduced with the new version. I also see a clear difference in color rendition between the main preview and exported image on the one hand and the “navigator”, NR preview and library thumbnail on the other hand. This discrepancy was not present in older versions of PL and I hope that DxO staff can fix it soon.

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I just got an updated build of 6.0.3 (build 33 as opposed to build 31) and it seems to have mostly sorted these differences. Certainly the NR preview and navigator now seem to match the main view. The PhotoLibrary thumbnail still seems off, but I guess that is cached and will eventually be re-rendered when I traverse other folders and it gets removed from the cache.

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indeed, the differences on screen are within measuring possibilities (1/256).