Customizable Toolbar (ex "Option to get rid of the miniature effect icon in the toolbar")

None of my photo processing asks for the miniature effect. The respective toolbar icon has a nasty behaviour - some might like it but I don’t:

Once I click mini effect in the toolbar, the default effect is applied and can only be reset through the respective tool panel, the toolbar icon is one-way only.


  1. add a function that enables to completely remove the effect in the tool-footer below the preview
  2. make the toolbar icon optional, like you did for the nik collection.
  3. make it visible in the local correction list so that i can kill the effect quickly

Note: I usually move things that I don’t use away from the palettes I need, I like my workspace clean…

it’s not a problem for me. I just don’t select it. In over two years of using photolab, almost daily, I have never once selected that icon by accident.


Hum Hum Mark.
I agree with platypus. Same problem.
I vote for option 2, personalise the toolbar.

And be able to get rid of the Nik from the bar!

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I understand, but I would prefer that DXO spends their limited resources on enhancements that add more value.


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…not wasting my time and nerves adds value…

As I said, I’ve never selected it accidentally in two plus years of using PhotoLab so there is no time wasted or nerves frayed for me.


I agree with you @platypus
The button on this place is useless for me and I often misclicked it, if I want ‘local corrections’…

…moreover, the tool instantly adds an effect that I cannot undo easily - because I hide away the tools that I don’t use in a palette that is ordinarily collapsed…

I’m still not sure why some people seem to accidentally select that icon if they are no longer newbies. As I said, after more than two years of using PhotoLab on a daily basis I have never accidentally clicked on it, even once. However, if this is really such an issue, then yes, something should be done about it. In an ideal world, the icon bar should be editable so that’s icons could be removed, added, and moved to a different location in the bar like many other software applications today.


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Yes, but you Mark you’re still young :wink:

Let’s stay with the fact of the desire to be able to remove this icon from the toolbar instead of discussing whether this desire is legitimate or not. Thanks.


Customize toolbar feature similar to Capture One and Firefox and other browsers would be a great addition. However, it should have a very low priority in my opinion with anything since it doesn’t impact image quality, workflow or editing speed for 99% of people.

Agree - to a certain degree - that speed and functionality is important, nevertheless, usability is important too. Would you like to use a software that delivered the best result, if you were only to use it dangling head down from the ceiling like a bat?

I wonder how many of DPL’s users regularly use the miniature effect. I suppose almost none and that 50% of usage is due to people inadvertently clicking on the silly symbol up there!

(I’m exaggerating, but hey, that’s okay :rofl:)

Every requested feature is legit, as this section is named “Which feature do you need”. The wheighting of a requested feature is done via the number of votes - simple as that. But there will always be people who know your requirements better than you :wink:

Regarding the geometry toolbar - I don’t need it very often, either, and especially not the miniature effect. Would be nice if we could get a configureable toolbar up there.

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Having the most relevant icons in the toolbar is quite all right, and wouldn’t it be a good service provided to the users if they could decide themselves what’s relevant?

If the toolbar were some kind of special palette, then existing functionalities could be used to implement the feature and the setup stored as a feature of workspace customizing.

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Maybe change the topic that way - I am sure there will be some more votes then.


I wonder what all these specific viewpoint tools are doing on the toolbar too. They are all in the essential tools palette.
I agree, it’s the only tab that can’t be undone by clicking it again. Not consequent.


Ctrl-z (or command-z on Mac) works indeed.
The button “Reset” that is present when the tool is active only resets things to their default.

Ah ?
That’s don’t work on Windows :frowning: